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by Lloyd Sherman, August 15, 2019

Do we need a new lodge?

You might if you were a resort destination or you had read the CMP or listened to some of the POA Administration. What would be the justification for a lodge? Someplace to house the golf tournaments coming to the Village? Maybe. Anybody heard how many outside golf tournaments we have coming to the Village this year? Last time I saw something from the golf department it was ONE (1).  We had one pickleball tournament here this last year, which was great, but how many more are planned? Do we have a focus on marketing for golf tournaments or any other types of tournaments? Don’t know the answer to that but what I do know is the development of projects like hotels or lodges is built on demand. Do we have the demand in the Village for a Lodge? Based on our financial numbers I can without reservation say we do not.

How many rentals do we have?

Did you know? There have been reports that as much as 20% of the Village is available for rentals in one form or another. Not sure I buy into that report because that would equate to nearly two thousand units (2,000). I might believe 10%, but the fact that we don’t have a handle on this number is troubling. 

Have you heard of Los Lagos?

So here is a short-term solution to lodging demand until such time as the demand warrants the consideration of a lodge inside the gates of Hot Springs Village.  Have you heard of Los Lagos? Many of us probably have, but do you really know anything about the property? It is managed by LaTour Hotels & Resorts. Here is a description provided from their website:

Los Lagos at Hot Springs Village is ideal for relaxing and is the perfect place to start and end your day. One- and two-bedroom vacation condos include full kitchens, spacious living areas, quiet bedrooms, and scenic Arkansas views. On site you’ll find lake access, outdoor and children’s swimming pools, fitness facilities, and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the resort. In the lobby, enjoy complimentary coffee in front of the fireplace.”

HSV Arkansas Los Lagos Timeshare and vacation rental Lake Desoto
Lake DeSoto view from Los Lagos Timeshares and Vacation Rentals

They also have a clubhouse for gatherings. So why are we off chasing rainbows and expending resources that could be utilized for day-to-day maintenance and infrastructure instead of utilizing the lodging resources we already have?

Here’s the biggest “Did You Know?”

I have been told that currently they are being utilized to support the Discovery Packages and they often have guests staying there that have been arranged through that program. So why do we not know this? Why is Los Lagos not listed as a lodging facility on the Discovery Package? Why would we use someplace like the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs where we lose control of our guests? 

This is a huge property and I am told often has excess capacity. It is well maintained and sitting right here in the Village!

Demand answers!

I don’t know about you, but the next time I hear someone talking about a lodge, I’d like to know why we are utilizing POA resources on projects when we aren’t using the capacity that already exists.  DEMAND ANSWERS!

by Lloyd Sherman, August 15, 2019

Photography by Lloyd Sherman and Joe Dowden

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