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Breaking – HSVPOA May Treasurer’s Report

By Joe Dowden, May 19, 2020

On April 15, 2020, Dan Aylward was elected by the new Hot Springs Village Board of Directors to the position of HSVPOA Treasurer. Formerly, Liz Mathis, CFO of HSVPOA, held this position.

Treasurer’s Report omitted initially in Board Packet upload

It is customary for the POA to upload the Board Packet on the third Monday of the month before the Regular Wednesday Board Meeting. This past Monday (May 18, 2020) was no different except something was omitted. The omission was the report from the HSVPOA Treasurer, Dan Aylward.

Today, May 19, 2020, the HSVPOA’s Treasurer’s Report was made available on the POA website. This report contains shocking information in regards to the blocking of the new Treasurer from receiving information he requested. Below please see some of the revelations in Aylward’s report.

Board not supplied with technology and information

At the first Special Board Meeting on April 20, 2020, Aylward had not yet been supplied with the necessary technology or information he needed to perform his job. (As an aside, none of the new Directors and Officers were assigned their secure e-mail addresses at this time.)

Management ignored numerous requests

On April 21, 2020, Aylward requested pertinent information to be used in order to properly evaluate the financial condition of the POA. He wanted to “assess where we really are, how we got there, and how we get to where we want to go.”

The information requested was standard and should be readily available to every good manager making the request.

On May 1, 2020, the HSVPOA Board Chairperson also requested that this information be provided to Treasurer Aylward.

Additionally, Aylward’s request for this information was renewed on May 15, 2020.

As of this date (May 19, 2020), this information has not been provided. Aylward said that,

“Based on the lack of responsiveness for information requests, I remain extremely concerned that financial monitoring is not being adequately done.”

List of documents requested by Treasurer



HSV Inquiring minds want to know:

  • Was Alward’s report originally omitted in the online Board Packet because of the shocking disclosures?
  • Why was financial information kept from the Treasurer?
  • Why make it more difficult for Aylward, a volunteer, still employed fulltime in the public sector, to do his job?
  • Why is HSVPOA management not being transparent about HSVPOA finances?


Click here to view the May 2020 HSVPOA Treasurer’s Report.



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