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Adieu, John Paul – Devoted Service to Hot Springs Village

Interim General Manager, John Paul, Once Again Retires from HSVPOA

On May 27, 2020,  John Paul took the Interim General Manager reigns in Hot Springs Village for the first time. Mr. Paul brought extensive HSVPOA expertise to the position as he had previously served the POA in the capacity of Director of Golf from 1998 until he retired in 2016.

The First Time as HSVPOA Interim General Manager

During this short time period, Mr. Paul served the Village well as the Interim GM in a very tumultuous time. Somewhat of a reorganization of the organizational chart was happening at that time as some staff members were leaving, along with many other changes at the POA. Paul’s placement as GM was only meant to be temporary while HR and the Board conducted a search for a permanent General Manager. In early August of 2020, Mr. Paul passed the GM gauntlet to Charles King who served the Village as General Manager until January 31, 2021.

Paul Stepped Up for a Second Term

Coming out of retirement, not once, but twice, in stepped Mr. Paul as the HSVPOA Board once again requested his services as Interim GM. Mr. Paul rejoined the POA staff on Monday, February 8, 2021.

The Board said at that time, “Mr. Paul recently served as the Interim General Manager at Diamante Members Club while a search was conducted for their permanent General Manager. We appreciate that John Paul has agreed to serve in this position as the Board engages in the recruiting process to identify the best candidate to fill the General Manager position.”

Over the past year, Mr. Paul, along with staff and Board helped keep the POA together and functioning until February 1, 2022, at which time a more permanent replacement will be installed in the GM position. The Board, after conducting an extensive search, hired Kelly Hale, who will be taking the helm of the POA tomorrow. Mr. Paul plans to be on hand to assist Mr. Hale through the transition.

Mr. Paul served the Village both times under difficult circumstances caused by staff shortages and issues due to COVID. Nonetheless, he still has many accomplishments under his belt during his most recent tenure as Interim General Manager.

Paul has Many Accomplishments Over the Past Year

Just to name only a few of Mr. Paul’s accomplishments:

He oversaw the forgiveness of the PPP loan, remodeling of the Balboa Club, and guided the Compliance Department with improved gate security and safety inside the Village. Rounds of golf increased under his watch and also the renovation of both DeSoto Beach and DeSoto Marina which included a fishing pier at Waypoint among other things. He oversaw the pickleball court renovation and helped with the conversion to automated side-loading sanitation trucks.

Villagers Show Appreciation To John Paul

Joe Dowden said, “John Paul, thank you for coming out of retirement twice and stepping up to fill the GM void for our Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association. I and many others appreciate your sacrifice for the Village.”

Anne Shears shared, “John Paul ‘took the helm’ twice, worked quietly and diligently, and got the job done. He set the bar very high for the new GM.”

“A huge shout out to John Paul, for a job well done. While I’ve heard many complaints about decisions made while he was the interim GM, nobody else came forward to volunteer for the job. He did, and we thank him for doing it,” stated Dan Fitzgerald.

Dave Sintich said, “I contacted him several times for issues and he acted quickly and professionally in handling them. Thank you, Sir, for your service. Now it’s time to enjoy your retirement.”

Greg and Kathryn Paquin expressed, “I am grateful that John Paul was willing not once, but twice to step up and take over a role that always has a target on its back. Thank you for your service, John Paul.”

Debbie Hipsher Rainwater stated, “What a wonderful blessing he has been.”

John Paul’s Last Board Meeting

At the end of the January 26, 2022 Board meeting, Chair Joanie Corry, publicly thanked GM Paul “for his dedication to the Village and coming out of retirement twice. My hope is, that we will not bring him again for a third term because he is ready to play golf, have a good time, and eat carrot cake. We brought two carrot cakes today made by Pam [Avila] and myself.” Corry invited everyone attending the Board meeting to have a piece of cake.

Corry continued, “let’s celebrate John Paul’s leaving because he is leaving because he wants to and we have found someone to take his place.”

Paul Expressed Confidence in New GM

Paul stated, “I am actually leaving this in very good hands. I’ve had multiple meetings with Kelly [Hale] over the last couple of months and you couldn’t be getting a better person for this job. He is very savvy and knows the Village because of his mother living here and he’s been here for quite a while. He’s asked the right questions; listens to the right people. I am very, very encouraged for the future and glad he is here.”

Adieu and Thank You

We thank Mr. Paul for his service and commitment to the Village and appreciate having had the opportunity to get to know him via Board meetings and emails. Here’s to a long, relaxing, and enjoyable retirement for a very deserving Villager.

Thank you to Triple D Real Estate for providing the vintage cover photo.

By Cheryl Dowden, January 31, 2022

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