In an almost year-long flurry of events, Hot Springs Village has been busy celebrating its golden 50th anniversary. A few of the most recent activities were Shoot for the Stars Golf/Mini Golf Tournament, a Family Fun Day and Ice Cream Social, and a fabulous display of fireworks.

Villager, Lorri Street, emailed me an excellent video sent to her by Bob McCleskey. This video, produced by Laura Allworth, was initially shared with the community at the 50th Anniversary Kickoff. (See video below.)

Allworth serves on the Ad Hoc 50th Anniversary Planning Committee, along with Paul Bridges, Nancy McNally, Linda Mayhood, Bob Shoemaker, and Kathy Miramontes. Working closely with staff and the Board of Directors, this committee was in charge of planning and coordinating 50th Anniversary activities. Click here to read more about the committee and the 50th Anniversary Kickoff.

Stroll down Hot Springs Village memory lane

Below is a quote from Bob McCleskey’s email:

“I think you will find the many historical clippings and photos to be a fascinating stroll down HSV’s ‘memory lane’, regardless of whether you walked that trail.  Enjoy — and keep  Livin’ the Dream!

Hot Springs Village turns 50 video

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By Cheryl Dowden, October 5, 2020

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