By Cheryl Dowden, February 23, 2021

In recent years, the Hot Springs Village Voice conducted a forum for the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Board Candidates. Due to COVID restrictions, this proved to be a difficult task this year. Instead, the Voice posed 25 questions submitted by Voice readers, to the candidates. The questions and answers were published electronically on February 20, 2021, in the E-edition of the Voice and will be in the paper copy of the Voice on March 4. Click here to view the Voice article.

These are the questions the candidates answered:

Board turnover

1. Decisions are currently being made by three property owner elected directors and two board selected alternates. What is your opinion of this and how, if at all, would you change the bylaws regarding same?

2. Will you commit to serving your full term? 


1. How do you feel the corporate treasurer and corporate secretary seats should be handled?

2. Would you want to replace the current POA staff with an outside managed contractor? 

3. Do you feel the board should have input in the personnel decisions made by the general manager?

4. Should board members be allowed to assume management responsibilities? 

5. Some feel both of the previous administrations have been paid too much money. How would you address this going forward?

Overall well-being of Hot Springs Village

1. What do you feel are the three most important issues that need to be addressed as soon as the new board is seated?

2. Do you feel the POA should place itself in a position to buy out Cooper Communities, Inc.?

3. Some people believe HSV has no plan for moving forward. What do you see as your role in guiding and directing the Village’s future plans? Do you feel HSVBOD should reach out with outlined agenda for growth, management and maintenance?

4. Is there an adverse impact to too many people living in the Village?

5. Given that significant portions of Hot Springs Village have never been developed despite the parcels being sold or being currently for sale, what will you use to guide community development decisions and long-term sustainability?

6. What is your feeling about looking to the younger generations and their lifestyle wants, needs, and expectations when planning for the future of Hot Springs Village?


1. Explain what trust means to you?

2. Is it important that HSV residents serve on volunteer POA committees?

3. Have you served on any HSV committee? If so in what capacity?

4. Other than yourself, for which two remaining candidates would you cast your vote?

5. Do you feel there is a hostile work environment at the POA and on the board? If yes, how would you work to eliminate this?

6. What is your understanding of a board members’ individual and collective legal responsibilities and limitations?

Social Media

1. How will you handle the negative comments often directed at not only you, but your family and friends on social media? 

2. Do you feel the POA and its board of directors should have a strict policy regarding social media communication?

3. Would you support reprimanding a board member who violates the social media policies? If so what type of reprimand would you support?


1. Would you support an assessment increase? If yes, please explain the structure of said increase.

2. Do you believe the idea of tying assessment amounts to property value is a good idea?

3. Do you have any ideas on increasing HSVPOA total revenue income besides increasing fees and/or assessments? 

More Opportunities Coming

In addition to the efforts by the Voice, there are two more upcoming opportunities where you can become acquainted with the candidates and their platforms. The Hot Springs Village Chamber of Commerce recorded 15-minute interviews with each of the candidates. These interviews should be published soon. While there is no direct link to the interviews (as of yet), click here to visit the Chamber’s website.

Dannet Botkin, President of Designs Group Consulting, is also moderating a virtual forum with the candidates using Zoom. This forum should be made public shortly. Click here to visit DGC’s website. Click here to visit DGC’s YouTube Channel.

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