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By Lloyd Sherman, December 18, 2019

As the 2020 budget has already been approved there is little reason to report on current financials. Anything said at this point would only be a restatement of previous statements. We will likely finish the year approximately $3 million short of the budget; bad debt was underestimated by $1 million. Due to revenues being overstated, so were costs by about $3 million, so at the bottom line, we will miss the net by $500K. Hopefully, next year’s budget will result in more accurate accounting.

happy holidays from lloyd sherman hsvpoa board candidate

Now while much remains to be done to get the Village back to where it is working for the property owners (members), and although we have been somewhat disappointed in the accomplishments this year, let’s focus on a couple of things that will be addressed in the upcoming meeting. First, the issue of election integrity is going to be discussed as new business. There were way too many questions last year about the process and many asked that this process be revised.  You can look at what will be proposed here:

HSVPOA Proposed Voting Procedures


We have also been requesting a Finance Committee for a couple of years now and that now appears to be in sight. You can review the topic here:

HSVPOA Proposed Finance Committee Charter


Now both of these are in the new business category and there is a month lapse between presentation and voting so one cannot assume these are in their final form, but they are a good start and I would encourage those with input to provide the board your constructive input.

So, while we know much is yet to be done, let’s also take the good into the New Year and hope for a brighter and better 2020. Happy Holidays.

upcoming hsvpoa board meeting
Happy Holidays from HSVPOA Board Candidate, Lloyd Sherman

By Lloyd Sherman, December 18, 2019

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