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Things Can’t Continue on this Path

By Diana Podawiltz, December 2, 2020

Kudos to Clark Vernon for starting a dialogue. We can’t continue subsidizing golf operations to the degree which we’ve been doing for the past several years. Golf fees have more than doubled in my 23 years as a property owner. Price is determined by supply and demand and our supply exceeds our demand.

Golf is not a huge draw to the millennials – our next target of owners. What will attract them? Is there a better use of the land that is now Balboa Golf Course than spending $1-2 million on infrastructure repairs at that centrally located course? Could we dig a small lake by expanding the water hazard on #18 & #9? Could we have a community garden area with road access and restroom facilities on hole #6?
Could we set up an area for an archery range? If we eliminated the Balboa Golf Course could we also eliminate the clubhouse, which is going to need a couple of million to either replace or refurbish?

I don’t have the answers, but I know we can’t continue on the same path and expect different results. Are we reaching a point where our employees are no longer adequately compensated? This is the second year where the only adjustment to gross wages has been due to the minimum wage rise. Will we find it harder and harder to fill our open positions like we have for golf course maintenance and the police department in recent years? What has been the total savings in gross wages as a result of the 2020 reorganization?

We have to have an assessment increase if we’re ever going to make a dent into our backlog of infrastructure repairs.

I suppose many of you would take the attitude that I need to stay out of these discussions because I left the board before my term was over. I’ve been silent on my reasons for departure – there were several, but the biggest was relinquishing spending and financial oversights from Board responsibility back to the General Manager. Tucker viewed me as a dictator; I NEVER MADE ONE DECISION THAT WASN’T VOTED UPON BY THE BOARD.

I am also what is referred to as a “long hauler” regarding people who’ve had COVID. My short term memory is very bad (known as brain fog), frequent headaches, fatigue. Also, my husband’s health has deteriorated; at this point, he can barely walk and will have a hip replaced on December 15. When that heals, the neurosurgeon will begin to deal with the issues of his spine. In addition, my 90-year-old mother lives with us.

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