Written by Tom Blakeman

Where do we go from here?

On November 30 the Association Members sent a very strong message to the Hot Springs Village Board of Directors and POA Management. We overwhelmingly voted down the proposed changes to our Declarations and Articles of Incorporation. Implicit in vote defeat was a strong message of No Confidence in both the Board and the CEO, not to mention the infamous CMP.

But the ensuing silence was deafening. Other than a few palliative remarks from the Chairman immediately following the vote results, we heard nothing for a week from Board or CEO. Finally, late on December 7, we got what can only be regarded as a pathetic statement from the Board: “. . . we remain steadfast in our commitment to POA leadership. . . “ In other words, They Remain In Denial.

So, what next? What do we do when the message is received but not heard? There are two things which must happen:

First – We must INCREASE THE VOLUME. Every Member must personally resend the message weekly to All Board Members. Their in-boxes must continually overflow with Your Demands. Some suggestions to include in your weekly email:

  •  Suspend the CMP
  •  Replace the CEO with a qualified GM
  •  Repeal the 120-page Protective Covenants 
  •  Restore Board Working Sessions
  • Town Halls & Board Meetings with “open mic”
  •  Dump the “Corporate” facade
  •  Drop arrogant titles like CEO and Chairman
  •  If you don’t want to listen and hear us: Resign
  •  Stop the lawsuits; Produce the secret documents

Second – We must IDENTIFY AND ELECT NEW Board Members. Three seats are up for election early in 2019. We must fill them with Members who:

  •  Possess needed and relevant credentials 
  •  Have Leadership and Management experience
  •  Embrace openness, transparency, and trust
  •  Understand our real target market and Marketing
  • Commit to halt the rampant and wasteful spending
  •  Cooperate and work with our Developer 
  •  Will return us to financial stability

For the first Action above everyone can and should participate regularly. There is no cost, just a little of your time every week. For the Second action, it is going to take much more. Just like with the Vote effort we can expect POA to select and back their “preferred” candidates to the hilt using our POA dues money. We will need to counter that with spending of our own out of our own pockets. And it won’t be cheap. There has been a FundRazr site set up for this purpose. The Fund will be supporting three candidates. It has been named: Vote Three for HSV. Two candidates have been already selected to support. You already know them well: Lloyd Sherman and Tormey Campagna. We are looking for a third candidate now. You can help by:

1. Donating to the fund at this link: Vote Three for HSV (Fundraising has been suspended.)

2. Suggesting a third candidate you believe qualified. Contact either Cheryl Dowden or Tom Blakeman with your recommendations. FUNDRAZR.COM

Return the voice of Hot Springs Village back to the Property Owners. This fund is for the 2019 Board election. Our candidates are: Tormey Campagna – Lloyd Sherman – Third Candidate (TBN)

Written by Tom Blakeman