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Saline County Judge Jeff Arey’s April 10 COVID-19 Update

Email from J. P. Keith Keck

“Here is Saline County Judge Jeff Arey’s April 10 Update. Judge Arey highlights it has been 30 days since the first confirmed case in Saline County and emphasizes that we are in a marathon, and we need to continue to practice our safety procedures over this Easter Weekend.”

Keith Keck

Justice of the Peace

Saline County Quorum Court

Email from Judge Arey

To All Saline County Residents:

“Attached [see below] are the numbers for Saline County as of last night.  Confirmed cases are up 1 over yesterday for a total of 31 and Persons Under Investigation remain at 22.  The good news is that we had 3 more people recover.  I pray that that column continues to rise.  Saline County’s first Confirmed Positive case was reported on March 12, so today marks our 30th day in our reaction to this pandemic.

Surgeon General Dr. Bledsoe this week estimated that the peak could be end of April or first week in May, but cautioned that he couldn’t be sure due to incomplete data. 

“The last 30 days have been stressful, sometimes intense for everyone. I know that the closing of schools for the remainder of the year to on-campus instruction was devasting to children, especially Seniors and parents. 

“Many people have lost jobs, small and large businesses closed or severely hampered.  Really no one is spared from the disruption of normal, and the pain of loss. Unfortunately, we are in a marathon with this pandemic, this is something that I have to remind myself each day.    I encourage everyone to take a deep breath and pace yourself.  Marathon runners will tell you that it is mind over matter that allows them to finish.   Take care of yourself not only your physical health but your mental health as well.  Stay in touch with family and friends and take some time to laugh. 

“With all this mess going on we all still have so many blessings.  We should always be thankful for our blessings, but especially this Easter weekend.  Spend time in worship either online or even by yourself or with your family.  Be thankful, we are blessed. 

“Stay safe, and remember no more than 10, stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask in public and wash your hands!” 

Jeff Arey

Saline County Judge

200 North Main Street, Suite 117

Benton, Arkansas 72015


4.9.20 Saline Co. COVID-19 Spreadsheet


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