By Joe Dowden, May 7, 2020

I would like to thank Saline Quorum Court Justice of the Peace, Keith Keck for sending us the following information.

On May 6, 2020, Saline County Judge Jeff Arey and Benton Mayor Tom Farmer lifted the Juvenile Stay-at-Home Orders which had been put in place on April 6, 2020, due to COVID-19.

Citing the following reason for loosening these restrictions, Judge Arey said, “With COVID-19 infection numbers seeing a decline locally, the Governor is presently loosening certain restrictions within the state in order to gradually return Arkansas to its state prior to the spread of COVID-19 to our area of the country.” This decision was made yesterday in consultation with Juvenile Judge Robert Herzfeld,

The public is encouraged is to continue to follow the directives as laid out by the Governor and the Department of Health.

Click here to see Arey’s Executive Order 2020-6.


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