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Press Release – Sherman Resignation


Another One Bites the Dust – The Rest of the Story

It is with great sadness that I must announce that I am stepping down as POA Board Chair and totally away from the Board.  When I took two years out of my retirement life to run for the Board, one of my overwhelming desires was to implement change. While much of that got done early in the year under the guidance of Diana Podawiltz, it obviously didn’t go far enough. The general direction of the Village was redirected back to being a maintenance organization and the need to focus all our resources on that prime objective was a worthy goal.

I haven’t always agreed with how things were being accomplished, but once it becomes apparent that a majority of the board is headed a certain direction, all you can do is say your piece.

The way Diana Podawiltz and Wayne Foltz were treated and ushered from the scene was nothing short of disgusting. Neither deserved to be treated the way they were. They both had the best interest of the Village in mind. I wanted Ella back as Secretary and that proved to be exactly the right move to make. Processes settled down when that happened. I had minor issues with the Controller becoming the Treasurer as I really believe that position should be held by a non-staff person, however, the Controller also has the best interest of the Village at heart and in my estimation is above reproach.

I do think it is appropriate to tell the property owners that neither the board or staff have discovered anything that could be considered nefarious as some had suspected. However, mismanagement, blunders and situations where many didn’t know what they didn’t know was extremely costly to the Village. Those issues are being worked on by the Board and staff.

But now to the main reason for my removing myself from the Board. I am too far apart philosophically from how this Village should be run, how it has been run through the last two administrators, but more importantly, how it will be run in the future. You can’t blame administrators for attempting to control their own destiny and that is why we have a Board. This board is slowly, but certainly, headed down the same path we thought we had just recovered from. Staff is controlling the narrative instead of the Board. Most of the time I enjoyed working with this Board but now that abdication is slipping back in, I refuse to be a part of a Board that won’t stand behind their commitment to the property owners; and that is what is happening.

Don’t blame the staff, blame your Board. Going forward, other than ensuring the candidate has real business experience,  find those who are willing to work and work hard, will stay true to their words and can not only talk the talk but walk the walk. 

It saddens me to have been put in this position, but I officially resign from the board effective immediately.

Lloyd Sherman, November 5, 2020

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