Podawiltz quits after POA board votes her out of position as chairman

Wow.  Now here’s a shocker: Diana Podawiltz has resigned from the POA board.  She has been board chair since April when the new majority took over.

She sent her letter of resignation today, saying:

“This is my letter of resignation from the HSV POA Board of Directors.

“Due to the lack of confidence of my fellow board members in my abilities to serve as  the Board Chair and subsequent removal from office during Executive Session on August 13, 2020, I do hereby resign from my position as a duly elected board member.”

The motion to remove her from office was made by Tucker Omohundro and seconded by Kirk Denger.  Four directors voted to remove her and three abstained.

There has been grumbling for some time about Podawiltz’s dominating personality and her control of board meetings and activities.

“She’s done a lot for the board and the community,” one observer said.  “But her ego just got in the way.”

The board is likely to elect vice-chair Lloyd Sherman as chairman at the board’s regular monthly meeting next Wednesday.

Since the board already has two unelected directors – Pam Avila and JoAnne Corry – there may be a push to keep the board at six members until the next election.  That, too, will be hashed out next Wednesday.

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By Former Board Director, Frank Leeming, 8-13-20

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