Words are Easy… Solutions are Hard

A year has passed since I asked you to support my POA Board candidacy.  I am coming back to you now, seeking your vote for my continued role as your elected POA Board Member.  

My name is Pam Avila, graduate of the University of Michigan and former executive and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley’s technology industry. I moved to the Village 5 years ago and like so many other property owners, I’ve been working hard ever since to make HSV the best it can be.

As a 2021 candidate, I suggested HSV was at a crossroads – mired in its past history and without a plan for moving forward.  Thanks in part to the work of the 2021 Board, HSV has moved beyond that crossroads and we are now positioned for a much better, financially secure future. As an elected member of that Board, I played a key role in getting us there by:

Promoting difficult changes to fund the maintenance and repair of our aging infrastructure, and reduce our significant deferred maintenance

Instituting rules to make certain those additional assessment dollars will be spent as promised

Helping to recruit/hire a highly qualified permanent General Manager

Building a better relationship between the Board and Property Owners through extensive  open communications 

In my 2021 candidate statement, I noted “If we better communicate the issues to every property owner, we can use our collective experience and knowledge to come up with not just answers, but the best answers.” To that end, I have proudly served as the current Board’s “communicator”, ensuring that property owners now have a better understanding of HSV. Those efforts toward solid and relevant communication include:

Generating a steady stream of emails and press releases detailing the work and findings of the Future Revenue Analysis Task Force – to help property owners clearly understand the financial and infrastructure needs of the Village

Overseeing a marketing and communication campaign designed to ensure property owners understood the assessment increase they were voting on

Writing Board Briefs to keep property owners apprised of important activities such as the recruiting and hiring of a new General Manager

Introducing new tools to facilitate property owners’ participation in important decisions – an email box (YourVoice@hsvpoa.org) to gather revenue/cost control ideas and suggestions from property owners, another email box (SpeakUp@hsvpoa.org) for property owners to voice questions and thoughts on the assessment increase vote

I have been hands-on in helping resolve many of HSV’s issues.  Just remember – “words are easy – solutions are hard”. 

While the 2021 Board accomplished a great deal, we still have far to go. We need to find additional sources of revenue beyond dipping deeper into the pockets of property owners. We also need to facilitate continued growth in new home starts and lot sales. And that’s just the beginning.

My work on the Board and my contributions to Hot Springs Village are not finished.   I hope that you agree and will choose to elect me for another Board term!

Pam Avila Hot Springs Village Board Candidate 2022
Pam Avila – 2022 HSVPOA Board Candidate (Photo by Susan McCarty)

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