Tormey Campagna

2019 Declared Board Member Candidate

Dear Board Members:

It is clear that there are great challenges and difficulties in being a Board of Directors Member. I was the President of a Home Owner’s Association in a Chicago suburb for 8 years. I was reelected four consecutive times and would have been elected a fifth time had I chosen to run again. It is a thankless job. I understand this well. However, that does not change the basic fact that Board Members need to listen to their Members. Now is time for this to start.

It is extremely clear from the vote on the Declarations and Articles of Incorporation proposals that one or more of the following things have occurred. I believe every one of them has occurred:

First: The CCI organization and the “NO” people significantly out marketed the POA and BOD. That is in spite of the fact that POA and BOD probably spent $250,000 or more of OUR money to get a “YES” vote. A full accounting of all funds expended by the POA for this effort should be disclosed to the Members. This would include: all document preparation costs, all mailing cost, staff time, attorney fees including time at Town Halls and vote counting meeting, travel cost to remote sites for presentations, etc. These costs should be sure to include all the time expended to create the 13 items on the ballot and attorney fees.

Second: CCI has the trust and backing of the majority of the property owners. The majority of the property owners do NOT trust or back POA Senior Management or the BOD.

Third: The vote was a de facto declaration of NO CONFIDENCE for both POA Senior Management and the Board of Directors. This is regardless of the statements made by Directors, including Cindy Erickson at the Town Hall meeting, that this would not be the case should the vote proposals fail to pass.

Fourth: The majority of the Members do not support the CMP. Again, this is regardless of the continuing dialog from Management and the Board which claims the vote and CMP are not related. This CMP experiment has probably cost Members somewhere in the area of $1,000,000 thus far. It needs to stop.

Given the above, all Board Members need to rethink how they can begin doing only the things which can be supported by the property owners, not just what they would like to do. And, they should begin to correct the many mistakes which have been made over the last several years. This process can begin as follows:

  • There are Arkansas Statutes which apply to information that should be available to Members of any non-profit organization. I have read these Statutes. The information being requested by Cooper clearly falls within the statutes. CCI and all Members should have full access (not “view only by appointment”) to the information. PROVIDE IT ! ! ! Stop wasting POA funds for attorneys on this issue. Resolve this lawsuit with CCI.
  • Your CEO’s contract is up for renewal in January of 2019. Given the results of the November vote there should be no renegotiations, renewals, or extensions of this contract by the present Board. All actions and discussions in this regard should be tabled until After new Directors are seated in April of 2019.

By doing these two things you would begin to return credibility to the Board of Directors and help the Village to begin the healing process so badly needed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tormey Campagna
9 Year Village Resident
2019 Declared Board Member Candidate