By Lloyd Sherman, February 5, 2020

First, let me be clear that this is not an apology for my action last night where I felt it necessary to call you out as the Chair of the CMPAC, but as I outlined in my opening, the content of character was at the core of why I did so and this is an explanation to you and those who continue to support “secrecy” and the failure to be transparent. Your failure to disclose this fact in your documentation or in your opening statement led me to take this action.

The Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) has from the very beginning been a backdoor, divisive manipulation of property owners. And that is not opinion. We have the documentation. From a Request for Proposal (RFP) that provided the deliverables of an implementation plan for town centers, pocket neighborhoods, and business development. If Developers had brought these concepts to the leadership of the Village with plans that could be evaluated and approved by the property owners, that would have been an entirely different scenario. It is not the job of a maintenance organization to take on that responsibility, especially in the dead of night.

The CMP then became even more divisive by the attempted manipulation of the property owners through a vote to remove the declarant rights of Cooper Communities along with attempt to sneak in a change from the 1963 Not For Profit Act to the 1993 Not For Profit Act which permits an organization to function more like a Corporate entity. It was well known by those who wrote the RFP that nothing in the RFP or the CMP (outside infrastructure) could be accomplished without removing CCI.

The manipulation then continued by altering our documents to justify acting like we are a Corporate for-profit entity, removing power from the board and transferring it to the POA.

So, do I regret that I was put in this position? YES! Do I regret that the property owners have been put in a position where we have to expose the secrecy and lack of transparency? YES!

You seem like a very nice person and I am in hopes that you have simply been pulled into these issues due to the remoteness of most of your history as a property owner. However, there is no excuse for censoring or even hiding information from the property owners or the Board. This is OUR home and we pay for services rendered to the community. The whole community!