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HWY 7 Billboard is Up – Vote NO on FLSD Proposed Millage Increase

By Lorri Street, January 6, 2022

The Highway 7 Billboard is up and the Vote NO on FLSD Proposed Millage Increase information is quickly spreading throughout the Village. Patty MacDonald and I will continue writing and publishing factual articles supporting our and MANY other like-minded HSV Property Owners Vote NO point of view.

Billboard on HWY 7 - FLSD proposed millage increase vote no
Vote NO to FLSD MIllage Increase Billboard on Hwy 7

We have just four weeks left to continue getting the word out in order to defeat this millage increase vote.  Please help us spread the word too by sharing our information with neighbors and friends who live within the FLSD boundaries. 

Highway 7 Billboard is Up Vote NO on FLSD millage increase Hot Springs Village
NO FLSD Millage Increase Billboard Invoice

As of the publication of this article our ‘awareness campaign’ has raised $455.00 toward the cost of the Billboard. The invoice above shows the full payment has been made. To reach our goal of $600.00, we are confident that 15 additional HSV Property Owners will contribute $10.00 each to help offset Patty’s and my out-of-pocket payment. (Check periodically to see the updated donation thermometer.)

We SO appreciate all the emotional and financial support that Villagers have offered to us thus far!  Defeating a well-funded campaign such as FLSD’s is no small feat, however, it is doable when Villagers come together.

Patty and I thank you!

Questions? Please email NoFLSDmillageincrease@mail.com

Edited on 1-22-22 – The donation goal has been reached. Thank you, everybody!

Anonymous (or not) donations can be made to either:

Lorri Street, 62 Arjona Way, HSV
Patty MacDonald, 11 Sabiote Lane, HSV

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.$600Raised $600 towards the $600 target.$600Raised $600 towards the $600 target.100%
So far we have raised $600 towards our $600 target! That’s 100% of the total!

* * *

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