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HSVPOA Work Session Fails to Live-Stream

POA board work session fails to show up as scheduled on YouTube channel

 Well, folks, isn’t that embarrassing.

The first POA board get-together with our new general manager, Charles King, was to be a work session today with plenty of meaty topics on the agenda, and it goes dark.  The POA’s official YouTube website remained devoid of the regular meeting broadcast.

So if you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see former board president and current Saline County justice of the peace Keith Keck talk about highway funding and high-speed internet service for the eastern part of the Village, you’ll have to wait.

Also on the agenda today:

  • A presentation by Ray Lehman on converting a marketing subcommittee into a standing committee.
  • A presentation by Stephanie Heffer, director of placemaking and development, on repairing the outside of the Balboa Clubhouse and how much it would cost.

If the absence of a broadcast of the meeting was a technical glitch or if there was another reason why the meeting didn’t appear, we’ll get back to you.

* * *

Yesterday we reported the POA had issued 32 permits for new homes in the first six months this year, up four from last year.

Stephanie Heffer sent a note saying: “As of today, there are 47 new-home permits issued.  After our (ACC) meeting on Thursday this week we’ll have issued 49 new permits for 2020.”

The 47 is up from 34 at the end of July last year, a rise of 13, or 38.2 percent.  That’s very positive news.

* * *

Hot Springs Village lost one of its really good guys on July 31 when David Whitlow passed away.  David, who was 77 years old, worked for the POA for 28 years, and most of the time he was its public-works director.

David was active in the Lions and Rotary clubs and many other committees and organizations in the Village.  He always had a smile and a friendly word.  He’ll be missed.

* * *

 Looks like this wonderful stretch of cool weather will end Friday and we’ll have to close up the house and turn on the A/C again.  It’s been a surprising August treat.

* * *

Today the governor announced 912 new coronavirus cases in Arkansas.

The state has not updated the July 27 list of cases in each community.

By Former Board Director, Frank Leeming, 8-5-20

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* * *

Note from Editor: The BOD says the meeting was supposed to be live-streamed, but at the time of the publication of this article, they still do not know why it wasn’t.

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