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HSVPOA Sells Water & Other Issues

At the September Board Discussion Session, Jason Temple, Chief Operating Officer, (COO) discussed two issues. The first issue was selling/buying water outside the Village and secondly, the dredging of Lake Granada went over anticipated cost by $46,000. Additionally, at the end of the meeting, Director Avila asked for help with broadband issues.

Selling and buying water outside the Village

Temple: “We have a wholesale water remit with North Garland County Regional Water District. We finally got their proposed agreement to the Village. This water from North Garland County is proposed to an interconnection that we would build at Highway 5 and Balboa Gate. You may have heard me say that before. We proposed to do a large diameter waterline interconnection there at that point. Now we have the agreement that would operate that interconnection between the two water utilities.”

Temple: “Now North Garland County Regional Water District is the water district that provides water all along Highway 5 and Highway 7 and they get their water from Lake Ouachita.”

Temple: “You remember years ago, we participated with the City of Hot Springs, North Garland County Regional Water District and Hot Springs Village, all participated in the acquisitioning of water allocation from Lake Ouachita. We have up to two million gallons per day of water allocation from that lake if we can get it. Well, we can get it through the North Garland County Regional Water District.”

Temple: “This is just a first step of building bridges and new neighbors. That water supply right now is, we ought to be able to provide about half a million gallons per day of water as an emergency backup.”

Temple: “It’s good to have (and not have) and it’s very easy to get to. Over time we would propose working with that water district to increase it to up to two million gallons per day.”

Temple: “So that is just in the memo to you for your review. It can be addressed tomorrow or it can be addressed next month. That is just a heads up.”

Omohundro: “Is this water we are going to be receiving?”

Temple: “Right. This would be water that we could get from North Garland County Regional Water District from Lake Ouachita, if we needed it.”

Temple: Right now, we only have one water supply and that is the water that we get from the Northfork Creek and we have one Lake Lago Reservoir. We have one water treatment plant.”

Temple: “Catastrophic weather could take out any one of those parts and we could be hindered for water in catastrophic conditions. So this is an emergency backup that takes advantage of a water source that we already have acquisitioned – we already own.”

Omohundro: “It in no way violates us that we would be giving water to outside of the community?”

Temple: “No, no this is proposed…I mean, we do give, we do sell water to Paron-Owensville Water District at the East Gate. And that’s due to right of way and that’s not a violation of any buffer crossage or anything like that. That is through our right of way. It would be the same thing. The right of way ties into Highway 5. This is the route that that waterline would come through.”

Sherman: “But it’s an incoming water..”

Temple: “It’s only an incoming water. They actually are at a higher elevation or a higher hydraulic grade line where their water would push into us. We can’t push water into them.”

Sherman: “Okay, so what is it you’re going to be proposing?”

Temple: “Just the wholesale water agreement that the Board would have to approve and execute. And it goes back to that water… It’s just the agreement that we would have between the two utility water districts if we wanted to receive water from them.”

Sherman: “And when will we receive that for review?”

Temple: “I’ve sent that to Ella [Scotty] and she can send it to you for your review this evening or we can work on it over the month. You know, look at it next month. I just wanted to give you a heads up. Leave that in the queue.”

Sherman: “Thank you.”

Omohundro: “Clarify something else for me then, since you brought it up. We sell water to Paron?”

Temple: “We do. For years.”

Temple: “Brings in about $35,000 a year of (indecipherable) revenue.”

Omohundro: “I thought we did and I just thought it said we couldn’t do that.”

Sherman: “Well, the Declaratoins say you can’t do that.”

Temple: “Actually you can. You can. You can do it.”

Sherman: “Well the Declarations say you can’t.”

Temple: “It says if you are in a position to provide water to..”

Omohundro: “Provide, provide, not sell. Provide.”

Temple: “Well provide or sell. It has to be done in accordance with Arkansas state law, which we did.”

Omohundro: “But we can give it away. We just can’t sell that. It says in the Declarations.”

Temple: “No, you can sell it. So long as it’s in accordance with Arkansas state law.”

Omohundro: “The Declarations are not the (indecipherable). The Declarations is the rules for the Village.”

Temple: “That’s exactly, we did that exactly in accordance with Arkansas [indecipherable] in accordance with the Declarations.”

Temple: “We did that. And you’re $35,000 in the plus for it.”

Omohundro: “Unless we need more water that we’re fixing to tap on and get more water from somebody else because we are selling some water.”

Temple: “Well, we have a surplus. We have plenty of surplus in that area.”

Omohundro: “Why are we tapping on to more water?”

Sherman: “At any rate, get that to us so we can review it.”

Avila: “It’s only for emergencies.”

Temple: “Okay.”

* * *

 HSV Covenants and Restrictions Declaration last amended 8-1-2013 

* * *

Dredging of Lake Granada exceeds anticipated cost by $46,000

Temple: “The dredging on the lakes is nearing completion. They did some extra work on Lake Granada and so there is a change order for $46,000 coming your way. That’s also a part of the packet. I wanted to bring it to your attention and we can approve that next month, if that’s possible.”

Avila on Broadband

Director Avila said, “Broadband is a major issue in this Village. We lost out initially on the rural broadband grant that came around. We have another opportunity to be a part of that grant. We need one piece. One. And that is GIS mapping of the survey that we did. So I need help. Charles, I am putting you on the spot.”

Charles asked if Pam received his email.

Pam stated she probably didn’t if he sent it when she was driving to the meeting.

Charles said they could do that.

Sherman said an email from Greg Jones indicated they have the data and the Computer Club simply hasn’t done anything with it.

King asks people to slow down and understand the facts

King said, “And that is my point and when you read the email, you will get it. I think there is a lot of jumping in and not understanding the facts, which causes mass confusion. That was my point. We need to slow down. Let’s understand the facts because I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Honestly, I just came into this. So I got with Stephanie and some other people. Stephanie wasn’t involved in this. She’s involved in it now. She’s already reached out to Greg and this ball is rolling. That’s my point. We’re pointing to everybody else. Come to me and we’ll get things done. And we’ll get the facts and understand what’s going on.”

By Cheryl Dowden, September 11, 2020

* * *

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