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HSVPOA – New GM Position

From: Tom Blakeman, June 11, 2020

To: HSVPOA Board Members

Subject: New GM Position

“Yesterday’s discussion session meeting was the best yet. You are all to be congratulated. Thank you for all you have done and are doing.

“However, I’m concerned with the apparent race to fill the GM slot. Six weeks?  20 days? What’s the rush?  Maybe I’m the only one thinking this, but I see no need for an immediate “fill” of the position.  Nor do I see a need to do this on the cheap either, qualified human resources professionals available in the Village notwithstanding.

“In addition, and to my knowledge, there has been no release of either a job description, salary range, type of experience expected, or desired credentials for the position other than hearing about “turn around,” a nebulous concept at best.  And then there is the question of whether or not a “contract” will be granted to any new hire.

“So, I’m requesting to be provided a copy of all those criteria just noted. I believe it would also behoove the board to make the same available publicly.  With already 300 applicants, one would think this information is already agreed upon by the board and out there somewhere. Property Owners are entitled to know too.”


Tom Blakeman


Below is the reply.


From: Chair Diana Podawiltz, June 14, 2020

To: Tom Blakeman

“It’s expected Tom that you like many property owners would not see an immediate need to find a new General Manager.  As I’ve said before when you’re a property owner you see things from about 40K feet, when you get involved by attending (today it’s watching because of Covid19) board and committee meetings; you get to about 14K feet.  When you get on the board you are at SEE level.

 “We need to get a general manager in here ASAP.  

“Diana Podawiltz, HSVPOA Board Chair

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