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HSVPOA BOD Treasurer Foltz and Secretary Mermel Gone

Effective today, September 17, 2020, in a Board Executive Session, a decision was made to replace Corporate Secretary and Treasurer positions with HSVPOA staff.

Wayne Foltz will no longer serve in the position of Corporate Treasurer for the HSVPOA. The Corporate Treasurer also serves as Chair of the Finance and Planning Committee.

Wayne had only served in the position for a few months, replacing Dan Aylward after Dan resigned due to not being hired as General Manager. When Wayne was contacted for a statement he responded with, “no comment.”

Effective yesterday evening, HSVPOA Corporate Board Secretary and Parliamentarian, Marcy G. Mermel resigned from her position.

Yesterday morning (September 16) at the Board Meeting, Chair Sherman proposed that the Board abolish the use of Roberts’ Rules of Order in favor of using the more simplified Democratic Rules of Order. Making this change would eliminate the need for a Parliamentarian.

Recently Marcy’s mother passed away. She has been in Chicago at her mother’s deathbed and then subsequently handling her mother’s estate. Because of this, she has not been able to attend board meetings or attend to her corporate secretary duties for the POA since August 20.

While in Chicago, she also visited her doctor and learned she needs to have eye surgery. Upon further review of Marcy’s medical records, the doctor determined that the surgery will be more complicated than originally anticipated.

Here is a copy of the resignation email Marcy sent to the board members and also to the Hot Springs Village Voice, KVRE, and Hot Springs Village People

From: Marcy Mermel

Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 7:26 PM

To: Board Members

“It is with much sadness that I am sending you this correspondence.

“I learned today that my Surgeries went through final review and were elevated to a level of “perplexity” (I think that means more than average complications) that they need to be spread out farther in-between than originally anticipated.

“That said, it is virtually impossible to carry out my duties as Corporate Secretary if we don’t know when I will be back in Arkansas – which is unfair to you all as well as the employees that count on my periodic signature and assistance.

“Please accept this as my formal resignation from both the Corporate Secretary and Parliamentarian positions originally entrusted to me – it has been an honor to be a part of this historical year.

“Take care and be safe.”

Statement from Chair Sherman

The POA sent out an eblast announcement today regarding this board action. (eblast is below) I contacted Chair Sherman for a statement. This is what Lloyd said:

We regret that Marcy has been plagued by medical issues, but we are thankful that during the POA reorganization process, these resources became available for the Board to be able to leverage their skills and knowledge. A huge thank you to both Marcy Mermel and Wayne Foltz for the countless hours they have given to make HSV POA the best it can be.

Lloyd Sherman, Chair of the HSVPOA BOD

Eblast announcement

The position of Corporate Secretary will be filled by Executive Assistant, Ella Scotty. Controller, Coreena Fetterhoff will assume the position of Corporate Treasurer. Both staff members will perform the ex officio officer tasks in addition to their regular job duties.

Board Announces Mermel and Foltz gone

Resignations/Eliminations in the POA Staff and Board

There have been a number of changes in staff and board in 2020. So far since April 2020 the resignations have been:


  • Liz Mathis, Chief Financial Officer – resigned
  • Shanee Cooper, Director of HR – resigned
  • Renee Haugen, Director of Land – resigned
  • CEO – position eliminated and replaced by Interim GM John Paul who was replaced by new GM Charles King
  • Magdy Hussein, Director of Food & Beverage is scheduled to retire soon

Board Members (Directors and ex officio officers) gone

  • Dan Aylward, Corporate Treasurer
  • Nancy Luehring, Board Director
  • Tormey Campagna, Board Director
  • Chuck Alvord, Board Director
  • Diana Podawiltz, Board Chair
  • Marcy G. Mermel, Corporate Secretary
  • Wayne Foltz, Corporate Treasurer

HSVPOA staff and board are going through some growing pains with many changes.

* * *

By Cheryl Dowden, September 17, 2020

* * *

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