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HSVPOA BOD meetings – unwanted guests

Vicki Husted, East Village, September 1, 2019

How to prevent unwanted guests at BOD meetings

Plan 1: Try this

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Tried that, didn’t work out sufficiently well, but at least it flew under the radar back then. Oh well, figure out another way!

Plan 2

1. Let them know by your attitude and every action that you’re not interested in them or their opinions.

2. Make sure to set up in a venue where there isn’t enough room to accommodate them.

3. Set up the inadequate venue with a bunch of tables, like a coffee klatch, thereby reducing the amount of room for chairs, minimizing the capacity even more.

4. Before the meeting starts, when it becomes evident that a large turnout is coming, refuse all requests to move the venue across the walkway to a room that is actually more appropriately equipped for such a meeting and would accommodate all who wanted to attend.

5. If nothing has worked so far, make them as uncomfortable as possible, ignoring provisions for physical, vision and hearing disabilities which might be expected considering the attendees’ age range.

HSVPOA board meeting standing room only
HSVPOA Board Meeting – Standing Room Only – Overflow crowd in hallway

6. Cram them into a room too small to accommodate everyone who wants to attend, so many are forced to stand, or actually have to leave because of public safety codes.

7. Set up the dais on the same level as the attendees, so those in the back can’t see who is speaking and often can’t even hear who is speaking.

8. Show a presentation on a screen so small that those in the back of the room can’t read what is shown.

9. Have the Chairperson try to shut down and drown out a member before his allotted comment time is up, even though his comments are entirely civil and represent his (and many others’) true opinions.

10. If shutting down the dissenting voices appears to not be working, call the Police in! Thanks for a great Board of Directors meeting! Can’t wait to replay the video. Just hope it doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor.

HSVPOA Board Meeting 8/21/19


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