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HSVPOA Board Passes 2 Sanitation Policy Revisions – 1-26-22

Board Director, Gary Belair, presented a motion for solid waste policy revisions at the January 26, 2022 HSVPOA Board Meeting. Belair said these revisions were discussed at two prior meetings, December 1, 2021, and January 5, 2022. Vice-chair Tucker Omohundro seconded the motion.


“The Board of Directors approved the transition to side-load sanitation trucks on February 17, 2021. The proposed revisions to Chapter 4, Article 4 Solid Waste Policy as presented reflect required changes to Hot Springs Village’s Solid Waste Program, and the policy by which property owners must follow, now that the trucks are scheduled to be delivered at the first of 2022.”

Belair stated, “as previously discussed, the Board has reviewed a red-lined version of the changes and additions to the policy.”

Omohundro asked the Director of Public Services, Jason Temple, to explain the changes to the Villagers.

Mainly this motion makes reference to another document called, the “Policy Guide” which will be updated.

Revisions in Sanitation Policy

  1. Biodegradable paper leaf bags are required.
  2. Everyone is required to participate in the sanitation program.

Board Chair, Joanie Corry asked, “you say that everyone is required to participate in the sanitation program?

Temple responded, “that is correct.”

This motion passed unanimously.

Solid Waste Policy Revision Solid Waste Policy Chapter 4 Article 4


By Cheryl Dowden, January 29, 2022

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