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HSVPOA Board Lowers 2021 Outdoor Pool Fees

Outdoor Pool Fees Reduced

Under current business, at the May 2021 Board Meeting, Chris Jones moved to approve the addition of the outdoor pool annual and daily fees to the 2021 fee schedule. The outdoor pool fees proposed and approved are as follows:

  • Annual member – $100
  • Annual household – $150
  • Annual super senior – $75
  • Daily member – $2
  • Daily nonmember or guest – $4
  • Daily employee – $2

Jones Recognized Efforts of Quinton and Heffer

Director Jones gave recognition to Mark Quinton, Recreation Committee Member, for giving him “some historical context on how the numbers were arrived at.” Jones also thanked Stephanie Heffer, Director of Projects and Operations, for providing adjusted pool forecast numbers.

Director Tucker Omohundro seconded the motion.

Heffer Explains Reason for Reduction

Director Omohundro asked if the fees being reduced had to do with the lack of pool usage.

Stephanie Heffer said, “when we presented the fee schedule last year to the Board, it was kind of an overwhelming request from the Board that we go back and take a look at the pool fees. We did have fairly low participation, although it was difficult to guage that because of COVID.” Surrounding area pools were looked at, including Magic Springs, etc. It was determined that last year’s fees were out of line and prohibited participation.

This will be the first full year of new pool usage. Pre-2014 (at the old pool) showed an average of 9,000 to 12,000 visits per year.

Heffer continued, “our budget forecasts for these numbers [new fees] is based on [participation numbers] of 2,500. It is very, very conservative.”

When the budget for 2021 was being developed, staff thought there may still be potential COVID-19 restrictions for the 2021 season. COVID-19 restrictions are not being anticipated at this time.

Heffer said adjustments in 2022 may need to be made, depending on 2021 participation and circumstances.

Pool Fee Motion Approved

Corry stated they voted to approve this motion.


Report by Cheryl Dowden, May 21, 2021

* * *

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