The Hot Springs Village POA Board of Directors held its April Discussion Session on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. No votes are taken at Discussion Sessions. The purpose of this report is to connect all of the individual reports in one place and also to add some additional information.

Sitting at the meeting table:

Board Members: JoAnne (Joanie) Corry, Chair; Tucker Omohundro, Vice-chair; Gary Belair; Pamela (Pam) Avila; Robert (Bob) McLeod

Staff: Kelly Hale, General Manager, and Board Secretary; Karl Russ (Controller); Katrina Heap, Executive Assistant to the General Manager

Other staff :

Jason Temple, Director of Public Services; Chris Boutzale, Superintendent of Water and Wastewater Plants; Tom Heffer, Director of Golf; Tammy Jones, DeSoto Superintendent; Todd Noles, Assistant Superintendent Streets, and Sanitation and Common Property, Forest, and Wildlife Manager; William Rainwater, IT Manager

Others Making Presentations:

GAC – Jim Zahnd; J. P. Keith Keck; Gen. Tom Arwood; Teri Jackson

Lakes Committee: Alan Wellesley, Chair of the Lakes Committee

Absent: Chris Jones

Topics of Discussion

Corrections in Policy Guide

In 2020 the Board of Directors eliminated the title of Chief Financial Officer, replacing this position with Controller. This change necessitated some rewrites in the Policy Guide. Some of these changes were dealt with in 2021 but a few remnants remained. The two policies requiring changes are:

  • Delinquent Accounts/Bad Debt Write Off Policy (Chapter 1, Article 11)
  • Insurance Claims and Litigation Policy (Chapter 1, Article 18)

These two changes will be voted on at the next Regular Board Meeting on April 20, 2022.

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Audience Comments

Audience comments were allowed at the end of the Discussion Session.

I asked for some information regarding the new Ad Hoc Cooper Land Evaluation Committee and was told an E-blast was coming out later in the day.

Melinda Alvord asked if there would be a Board Retreat this year. More information is coming out on this soon.

Cheryl Dowden, Hot Springs Village Gazette, April 10, 2022


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