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Ray Lehman Statement at HSVPOA October Board Meeting

At the conclusion of the HSVPOA Board Meetings, the audience is given a chance to express their thoughts. What follows below are these comments from Ray Lehman at the HSVPOA October 20, 2021 Board Meeting.

Ray Lehman: Good morning. My name is Ray Lehman. I’ve been very busy up at the state capitol, so I haven’t had the pleasure of coming and seeing some of these Board Members, meeting face-to-face.

Lehman: I want to repeat what I’ve repeated on social media. You all are Property-Owner-focused. I have so much confidence in what you are doing and I think this assessment process shows that very clearly.

Lehman: You didn’t throw together a group of FRATF, of just simple volunteers to look at our expenses and our needs and the assessment. You threw together a group of professionals. You opened it up to dramatic and also multiple opportunities for the homeowners to speak. And one of the loudest things that we’ve heard is, ‘there is no guarantee this money will spent the way it’s supposed to be spent.’

Lehman: You’re working on that. You’re getting it done. One point of consternation that I have, is that a month or six weeks ago, Joanie mentioned that one of the ways that the Board was going to work on this process, but there was a second assurance because so many of you Board Members are coming back. And she said, that should be proof enough, that it’s not going to change, because none of you Board Members are going to make a change to how the assessments are spent. And none of you stood up and said, ‘you’re right. We’re not going to make any changes.’ So, I would encourage you to do that.

Lehman: And the other point of consternation is with the general public on social media. We have people that are pooh-poohing, for a better term, Tucker’s comment and Joanie’s comment that we homeowners have a responsibility to make certain that we’re electing the correct Board Members. And some people are saying, ‘that’s not our job. The Board needs to figure out how to do it.’ Well, that is nonsense. It is OUR job to make certain that the proper, the correct Board Members are elected and every one of you are the correct Board Members and I’m proud to have you running this group for us. Thank you.

* * *

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