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By Robert Busse, June 30, 2019

Don’t blame the new Board members

Villagers, all this rhetoric seems to blame the existing Board. I submit that we presently have three new members that are doing everything they legally can do to get the corrupt majority back in line and start doing things correctly, legally, and for the betterment of HSV. We also seem to blame this Board for the way things are, but it has taken several years to get things set up to strip members of their limited power and allow the CEO and BOD to have the power they have now.

The Weidert and Weiss Boards were instrumental in establishing the power structure we presently have. (And for all these many years we have had folks telling us that what is happening is not right, but still, we have been/are labeled as negative and divisive.) As I said above, it has taken five or more years to create this mess. But there has been one constant throughout the establishment of this unwanted, unethical, and at time unlawful government. That constant has been our current CEO!

CEO is the one constant

Through her guidance, power, influence and hired legal teams, she has managed to subvert and undermine most everything good that was created and worked for 40 years prior to her appointment to power. Back then the membership was important in the overall scheme of things. I can not deny that there have been a few positive things done under the current CEO’s leadership. But the overall result has been loss of honesty, ethics, common sense, responsible spending and the interest and understanding of the members.

Board is supposed to oversee the CEO

Everything has been focused on creating power in her hands and a small group who she is able to influence and control. She has established a fortress in the POA, and nobody is allowed input to that entity. But through her power, influence, and manipulation she has gotten herself into positions of strength and persuasion on/in the one entity, the BOD, that is created to monitor and oversee the CEO and what is being done.

For her to be contractually obligated to be on the Governance Committee is insane. That is the single most powerful committee the BOD has and affects, oversees and formulates all of our governing documents and judges what the POA is doing with governance. No wonder she has that item in her employment contract!

Be patient – things are going to change

hot springs village poa door
Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association things are going to change

Unless there are members who can afford to take lawsuit action, we will all have to be patient and wait nine months to then vote two more individuals, with a similar mindset as the three new minority Directors. Once a new governing philosophy can be established, the Directors can undo all the negative that has been created by past Boards and the renegade CEO. We also stand a good chance of eliminating the central problem and getting a truly educated, trained and experienced municipal manager. They will be able to get back to a true representative style of governance that establishes and follows its laws for the good of the community AND its members.

By Robert Busse, Hot Springs Village

Edited and formatted by Cheryl Dowden

Note from the editor: This article was originally posted on Nextdoor and shared with me by Robert Busse, who gave me permission to publish on this website.

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