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HSV – Sowing Wildflowers

On June 16, 2021, committee members and a Property Owner joined POA staff to spread wildflower seeds in several places where West Tree Service and Entergy had cleared the power line easements.

Those that participated were James (Buzz) Carpenter, Guy Richardson, Laurie Hartshorn, Jan Miles, and Jan Rowe, all from the Trails Committee. Also assisting were Ann Shears from the Common Property, Forestry and Wildlife Committee, and Property Owner, Kris Wester. POA Staff coordinating and assisting with the project were Todd Noles, Common Property, Forest and Wildlife Manger, and Jeff Ray. 

The Volunteers formed smaller groups and seeded various areas along Balearic, Camino, and Mazarron. Additionally, they also spread the seed on the hill at the RV Park. They hope that the seeds will flourish and produce wildflowers that will replace some of the lost vegetation and help beautify the roadsides of the Village. 

Manager Noles expressed, “thank you to the volunteers that came out yesterday and weathered the heat to help spread wildflowers. You are appreciated so much and I thank you very much for taking the time and working so hard to help make our wonderful community more beautiful.”

Some tadpoles stranded in a puddle were also saved and relocated to a better water environment.

Please click on the photograph below to enlarge the picture. Also, to view the rest of the photographs, please click on the arrows.

Hot Springs Village Villagers sowing wildflower seeds
Sowing Wildflowers
Sowing Wildflowers on a hot Arkansas Day
Making Hot Springs Village Beautiful with Wildflowers
Villagers making HSV beautiful
Making HSV Roadsides Beautiful with wildflowers
Saving Tadpoles
List of Wildflower Seeds used on HSV Roadsides

Article and photography courtesy of Janet Rowe, June 17, 2021

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