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Positive trends in HSV real estate

HSV FIRST QUARTER REAL ESTATE ACTIVITY – What a beautiful day in the Village. I’m attaching an activity report within the Village comparing the 1st quarter of 2018 to 2019 and we have some positive trends. Please note that the average selling price has increased by 6.6% and per square foot costs have increased by 4.3%. Now while this is only reporting for one quarter, it is positive news for those looking to list their properties. Also, please note how our prices compare to the national averages, especially the per square foot cost. Sales of single-family homes are up over 2018 while townhome sales are down. However, combined we are tracking at the same level we were in 2018.


Village Homes and Land dismal results

Many of you know that I have been very vocal about the existence of Village Homes and Land (a POA operation funded by our assessments) and so if it is of interest in you, please note the dismal results they continue to post. None of the for-profit brokerages would remain in business with these types of results. In addition, the CEO has previously stated they would be profitable by the end of 2018, and yet we have another subsidy department. They were originally formed to focus on reducing the POA lot owned properties, which is doing nothing but growing.

Real reason for Village Homes and Land

Their real existence, however, was to help implement the CMP by them becoming a developer of things like pocket neighborhoods, but keep that a secret because we are not supposed to know that. Besides, they can’t implement probably 90% of their CMP without the permission of CCI by re-platting their easements. For now, let’s celebrate the improving home values, while we work to keep our Village the way we want it instead of what a small group of bureaucrats want.

Written by Lloyd Sherman

Lloyd Sherman, HSV real estate agent, with his beautiful wife, Linda

About LloydLloyd has lived in the Village for four and a half years. His work history includes 28 years of well-rounded experience and responsibility in Corporate America; 12 years running his own business consulting company; and a veteran.  He currently works part-time as a Realtor and spends his free time cooking, writing, spending time with family and when he has a chance, you may find him on one of the 9 beautiful golf courses at HSV.

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