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HSV – Kroc-Coo’s West Gate Cajun Kitchen is Closing

Keep reading to hear the good news

While this is very sad news, there is still a positive note. Danny and Debbie Goynes have worked very hard to provide delicious, quality Cajun Cusine in the Village, and it is disappointing to see this Hot Springs Village restaurant location close. But the bright note is that the Goynes will still be operating their Kroc-Coo’s Rolling Cajun Kitchen at 420 Eats Food Truck Court in downtown Hot Springs so if you have a hankering for some good ol’ Louisiana-style Cajun fare, you know where to go.

Chef Danny announced on January 6, 2022, “Effective immediately, I will be closing Kroc-Coos Cajun Kitchen located at Hwy 7 West Gate. This closing, in conjunction with the previous closure at the Granada Golf Course, is of course a huge disappointment. This decision is based on a history of limited local support of Cajun Cuisine, rising food and labor costs, and labor interruptions/shortages.”

Goynes continued, “We want to thank those who did support us the past two years and for the overall 4.9-star rating they provided across social media sites. Every effort was made to maintain competitive menu prices without inflation for increased overhead costs, but the ability to sustain that endeavor could not be maintained. Again, I want to thank all those who supported my passion to make Cajun food for the Village area.”

“Now on a positive note, after moving our food trailer downtown to Hot Springs, we have had nothing but great reviews and a positive flow of hungry clients for Cajun. So please take the short 25-minute drive through downtown, turn left on Spring Street, then right on Malvern Avenue, just past the Hot Springs Hotel, and you will find us at 420 Eats Food Truck Court. In addition to great Cajun food, you will find an excellent variety of cuisine from other vendors there. Debbie and I appreciate you and Thank You.”

Kroc-Coo’s Cajun food truck is open 11-2 and 4-8 Tuesday – Saturday and soon they will be open everyday except on Sunday.

I don’t know about you, but thinking about this food is making my mouth water. Hope to see you at the Kroc-Coos Rolling Cajun Kitchen food truck. As they say in Louisiana, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

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Visit Chef Danny’s Kroc-Coo’s Rolling Cajun Kitchen at 420 Eats Food Truck Court, Hot Springs Arkansas

Kroc-Coos Cajun Food Truck @ 420 Eats Food Truck Court Hot Springs
Kroc-Coos Cajun Food Truck @ 420 Eats Food Truck Court Hot Springs
Kroc-Coos Cajun Good Food
Kroc-Coos Cajun Food “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”
Chef Danny Goynes

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By Cheryl Dowden, January 6, 2022

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