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Hot Springs Village – Retirees Fixed Income – FLSD Millage Increase

By Lorri Street, January 20, 2022

You can only squeeze so much money out of retirees on a fixed income. Many retirees are dependent on a fixed income from a pension, but monthly checks may not increase as the cost of necessities rise. Even moderate inflation can be troubling if the majority of one’s income is fixed. In this article published on CNBC.com and titled, “Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment isn’t keeping up with prices retirees pay” it says, “Because older Americans often live on a fixed budget, which typically includes Social Security benefits, having to absorb those higher costs can hit them harder.”

Not everyone understands that even though property taxes are frozen, millage rates are not and if the millage increases, property taxes will go up for those 65 and older and/or disabled. They are not protected. 

If this millage increase passes, some people are going to be hit hard.  Monthly HSVPOA assessments already went up and most folk’s grocery budgets are stretched to the limit with inflation significantly impacting wallets.

Additionally, it was predicted by some people that if the monthly assessments went up, there would be less patronage of HSV restaurants.  In other words, it would result in a chain reaction. We have had four Village restaurants go out of business already this year. They just can’t make it. 

While I know this wasn’t a direct result of the POA assessment increase, the possibility of the upcoming increase may have made people think twice about going out to eat.  Is this trend going to continue and if the millage increase passes, will the trend be amplified? Vote NO FLSD Millage Increase!

Three Ways to Cast Your Vote

The three voting options for the proposed 5 mill increase are (1) regular Special Election Voting, (2) Absentee Voting, and (3) Early Voting.

***There will be no polling places inside the Village Gates.***

(1) Special Election Voting

Regular Special Election Voting is on February 8, 2022. There are three voting locations where FLSD Villagers can cast their votes on February 8. Polls are open from 7:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m at all locations.

  • FLSD Campus
  • Community Baptist Church, Hwy. 7 N.
  • USA Self-Storage, (Old Cranfords), in the East Gate Plaza
(2) Absentee Voting

Click here to download an application for a Saline County absentee ballot. Click here to download an application for a Garland County absentee ballot.

For more information you can call:

  • Garland County taxpayers in FLSD contact County Clerk – 501-622-3610
  • Saline County taxpayers in FLSD contact County Clerk – 501-303-5630

Click here to check your voter registration information – confirm your address, party association, ballot status, and polling place locations.

(3) Early Voting

Early voting is:

  • Garland County Election Commission Office at 649 A Ouachita Avenue, Hot Springs, February 1-7, 2022, (closed Saturday & Sunday) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Community Baptist Church, Hwy. 7 N. February 1st-4th, and 7th, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Questions? Email NoFLSDmillageincrease@mail.com

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