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Hot Springs Village POA Retains Search Firm for New GM

Press Release – Hot Springs Village, AR, September 30, 2021

The search for a new Hot Springs Village General Manager moves into high gear with the hiring of an independent recruiting firm to conduct the search. At the completion of an RFP process that began in August, a contract was finalized this past week with Cameron Smith Associates (csarecruiters.com), located in Rogers, AR. CSA’s list of clients spans a variety of industries and organizations: City of Ft. Smith, AR., OZARK, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Hospitality Industry, Chambers of Commerce, Non-Profits, Walmart, and others in the Consumer Goods industry.

The HSV POA Board of Directors had carefully considered the benefits and obstacles of using Village talent for the recruiting effort and determined that hiring an outside firm would better serve the needs of the Village. With their extensive database of active potential candidates and excellent references, CSA became the obvious choice. The Board believes the hiring of a well-qualified General Manger is critically important and must be handled in the most professional, business-like manner possible.

Two weeks ago, as required by the POA Employee Handbook, applications were accepted only from active POA employees interested in the General Manager position. Those applicants will be interviewed in mid-October. October 1 began the broader search when CSA started identifying potential candidates from within its database of 20,000 executives and its own outreach efforts.

Anyone interested in applying for the GM position should visit hsvgm.com, where they will find the job description as well as the link to CSA for submitting resumes.

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Hot Springs Village POA General Manager Job Description


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CSA Testimonials Gathered by HR Director Kim Massey


(Here is a link to Cameron Smith Associates [CSA].)

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