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Hot Springs Village General Manager Recruiting Update

The Hot Springs Village POA Board of Directors has been working hard to find a new General Manager. Via email, on Monday, November 22, 2021, the HSVPOA Board updated the community regarding the recruitment/hiring of a new General Manager. The email is posted below.

HSVPOA BOARD BRIEF #13 – Nov. 22, 2021

GM Recruiting Update

“Understanding many Property Owners’ interest in the hiring of a new General Manager, the HSVPOA Board of Directors would like to share the recruiting progress thus far. To date, the Board has interviewed 9 candidates, representing a broad range of experience and expertise. Specifically, the variety of credentials among the candidates includes:

·       POA staff members

·       HOA/POA experience

·       City Manager experience

·       Significant hospitality/tourism experience

·       Broad business and business executive experience

“Last week the Board determined that one of the 9 candidates met and exceeded all expectations and requirements described in the job description. An offer was extended to that individual. Unfortunately, personal circumstances prevented the candidate from accepting the Board’s offer.

“The Board has now asked the recruiter to provide additional candidates whose experience and expertise more closely match those of the one outstanding candidate. We anticipate interviews will continue immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday. While the process may appear to be taking quite a bit of time, the Board is committed to hiring not just “a General Manager” but rather “the right General Manager” for Hot Springs Village.” 

* * *

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