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Hot Springs Village Gate Access

Some Village Businesses & Restaurants Desire Easier Gate Access for Visitors

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March 1, 2022

I’ve heard various discussions online from individuals desiring more traffic for the Village restaurants and businesses. This is something I know the Hot Springs Village POA Board of Directors and Staff have examined in the past when discussing and refining gate security. Although this article is specifically written to address visitor access to HSV businesses and restaurants, the same process currently being used is also for guests of all members.

The solution for nonmembers to be given access to businesses inside the gates is that the restaurant or business owner is required to notify the gates via the proper online form (please see instructions below) or telephone the staff at the gates. (Phone numbers are in the photograph below.) Using the online form is preferable as this is easier for our gate personnel. It is probably quicker for the business owner too, as sometimes the gate personnel may be on another line and may not always be able to take their call.

Once a business receives the notification of an incoming guest, the business owner should notify the gate personnel. This is done so that the visitor’s name and necessary details will be in the computer system. The visitor is given a pass upon arrival to Hot Springs Village gates and subsequently allowed to proceed through the gates.

Instructions on how to request visitor gate access via POA website

HSVPOA Rules and Regulations Involving Gate Entrances and Identification Cards and Passes

Gate Pass Streamlining Suggestion Using a QR Code

A Quick Response Code (also known as a QR code) is a two-dimensional bar code that could be used for enhanced gate security and streamlining of gate entry processes. Although the POA currently does not use this system, it could be developed in the future for improved gate operations.

The QR code might contain information such as the following:

  • Name of guest
  • Telephone number of guest
  • Date of requested access
  • Name of business/restaurant owner or POA member requesting access
  • Whatever additonal information is necessary

Once a business owner or member registers the anticipated visitor by the online form or by calling the gate, the QR Code is then sent to the guest’s telephone. Once the guest arrives at the Village gates, the QR code can easily be scanned by the gate personnel and a color-coded entry pass printed after verification of the guest’s driver’s license. Using a QR code helps the gate security guard to quickly verify that the visitor has proper authorization to enter the Village.

Hot Springs Village Gate Access for Business Visitors QR Code Demonstration Cover
This photo illustrates a QR code similar to what a guest would see on his/her phone. The guest would show this to the gate personnel in order to be issued a gate pass. (Illustrative Purposes Only)


This photo illustrates what the gate personnel might see when scanning the QR code shown in the previous photo. (Illustrative purposes only)


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