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Hot Springs Village Fire Truck

Pierce Ascendant™ 107’ Heavy-Duty Steel Ladder

Gus and I made a visit to the Cortez firehouse today, after calling ahead, to get a view of the $900,000 ladder fire truck HSV recently purchased.

The two firemen on duty gave a great personal tour of the Hot Springs Village fire truck and its features. As one said, “ if it can save one life, it was worth it. “ Hard to argue with that. I have attached the company’s YouTube video of the truck (in Eureka Springs) and a link to their site.

New Fire Truck for Hot Springs Village
HSV’s Fire Truck
Pierce Ascendant™ 107’ Heavy-Duty Steel Ladder

The Firemen were very appreciative of the truck and its capability. They said it has been talked about for several years. HSV Firemen have taken it down many streets in Hot Springs Village and yes, they said on some cul de sacs it is tight, but they have a pole cutter on board if they get in tight spots if I heard them right. Sounds a little crazy, but I guess you ‘do what you gotta do’.

Hot Springs Village Fire Truck Required 3 Days of Training

It required 3 days of on-site training by the company to learn to operate. They usually have 3 firefighters at the Hot Springs Village Cortez station, who go out with this truck, plus the EMT driver They take it out of the station every day, I guess at least the driveway, to make sure it is ready to run as well as train. It is state of the art and very impressive. The video shows some of that. Even though we don’t have many tall buildings, right across the street is Good Samaritan, which does have 2 or 3 stories. The video explains the “reach” capability, which I see as useful.

107 Feet Ladder Reach!

Balboa Marina Fire March 30, 2018

They gave an example of something like Balboa Marina burning down. (It was at the same time this truck was being checked out in WI) if they had had this truck, they could have gone at it over the top and extinguished the fire safer and quicker. With what they had they fought the fire from ground level, slowly and closely. (The new HSV fire truck would have been perfect for the Balboa Marina fire. – HSVP editor)

Balboa Marina Destroyed (photo courtesy of Hot Springs Village Voice Newspaper)

Things that we saw, which were impressive and don’t fully appreciate, not ever having actually fought a fire, were: The 5” hose hookup at the pump area and the tremendous amount of storage for hoses, ladders, axes, a chain saw, poles and gear.

Hot Springs Village Fire Truck

“The approval and purchase of this fire truck was last February 21, 2018. The ladder fire truck is housed at Cortez Fire Station. A very good investment for the public safety of our community.”

Nancy Luehring- Hot Springs Village Board of Directors

Battery Operated Jaws of Life

A “battery” operated jaws of life, which they said could cut your car in half, was really neat. HSV used to use (and still have it) one that worked hydraulically. They recently used it to free someone from a car, had the car open before the EMT had completely set up their hydraulic unit.

The controllable nozzle at the tip of the ladder, that will deliver a whole lot of water. (This HSV fire truck could be great if there were ever a forest fire in Hot Springs Village.- HSVP edited)

Hot Springs Village fire truck saves lives.  The firemen extend ladder over water to rescue people.
Hot Springs Village Fire Truck Is Very Versatile

Although the new Hot Springs Village Fire truck is visible at the open houses they have, I think the POA missed an opportunity to highlight the HSV fire truck purchase with online video and story, through our own firefighters’ words, of the features and benefits of this truck.

Beautiful Carrie Thomsen Poses With Our New Hot Springs Village Fire Truck

Overall, I am glad we took a look. I think the purchase was independent of the CMP. I think the Hot Springs Village fire truck is good piece of equipment to have in the Village. The financing vs. holding funds for a new pool or paying our Chiefs and directors mucho dinero is another discussion.

Hot Springs Village Fire Truck “Saving Lives”

Pierce WebSite Here

Specifications of Hot Springs Village Fire Truck

Single Rear AxleTandem Rear Axle
Custom Chassis ChoicesArrow XTTM, EnforcerTM, Impel®, Velocity®Arrow XTTM, EnforcerTM, Impel®, Quantum®, Velocity®
Vertical Reach107′107′
Horizontal Reach100′100′
Operating Range-10° to 77°-10° to 77°
Payload Capacity750 lb dry/500 lb wet750 lb dry/500 lb wet
Wind & Ice RatingsUp to 50 mph winds & 1/4″ of iceUp to 50 mph winds & 1/4″ of ice
Flow Capacity1,500 gpm1,500 gpm
Stabilizers1 set of H-style & 1 downrigger1 set of H-style & 2 downriggers
Stabilizer Spread18′16′
Rear AxleSingleTandem
TankUp to 500 gallonsUp to 750 gallons
Pump RangeWaterous, Hale, Darley Midship, PTOWaterous, Hale, Darley Midship, PTO
PUC™ AvailabilityYesYes
Hosebed Capacity1,000′ of 5″ or split load 700′ of 5″ & 600′ of 3″ hose1,000′ of 5″ hose
Ladder ComplementMinimum of 115′Minimum of 115′
Structural Ladder Warranty20 yr20 yr
PatentsIssued & pendingIssued & pending

This is an opinion piece written by authors unknown taken from HSV Nextdoor. This opinion has been slightly edited but the original intent remains intact.

Hot Springs Village People thought it would be good to showcase the New Hot Springs Village Fire Truck!

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