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Hot Springs Village Balboa Clubhouse -Difficulties and Triumphs

Triumphs Exceed Bumps at Balboa Clubhouse

Supply Chain Disruptions

Hot Springs Village POA Interim General Manager, John Paul says that the new normal is longer than usual wait times to obtain supplies and equipment.

In Paul’s August 18, 2021 report to the Board, he states, “We have experienced much longer than normal wait times to receive construction materials required to complete the [Balboa] project. These wait times are proving to be the ‘new normal.’ Due to the difficulty in the acquisition of some remodeling materials, it is taking longer than originally anticipated to complete the Balboa renovation. Delays are not just happening in Hot Springs Village.

This disruption in the supply chain has been felt far and wide, affecting many Americans. According to an article in Gallup, ” Americans have clearly felt the global supply chain disruptions wrought by COVID-19, with most reporting difficulty in receiving goods this summer. Sixty percent of U.S. adults say they have been unable to get a product they wanted in the past two months because of shortages, and 57% have experienced significant delays in receiving a product they ordered. Seven in 10 Americans overall have had at least one of these issues, while 46% have had both.”

Discovery of Damaged Port Cochere

Also, during the renovation process, some damage was discovered at the Balboa Clubhouse port cochere, necessitating additional repair. A number of years ago, a truck hit the port cochere and because of this damage, the top walls were removed. Paul said, “years of neglect have caused the interior structure to rot, and we are analyzing our options to determine the best course of action to repair or replace it.”

“We have to keep up with our buildings and not let them deteriorate,” Paul said.

New Digs for Golf and Discovery Departments

On the bright side, the Golf Department moved into their newly remodeled offices at the Balboa Club on August 13 and they are up and running in their bright, new, and spacious environment. Tee Times and the Discovery Center staff have also moved into the facility.

Downstairs windows have been replaced. Scaffolding is being built to be used in the replacement of the upstairs windows.

HSVPOA Golf Department Relocates at Balboa Clubhouse (Photo courtesy of HSVPOA)

The Turn Sports Bar at Balboa

In further encouraging news, Brandon and Ashley Kogut, formerly of Charlies Pizza, are operating the new downstairs lounge called, “The Turn at Balboa.”

Fan motors for the upstairs kitchen vent hoods have been ordered and should be in soon. The Koguts want to expand the menu, eventually doing take-out and hopefully move upstairs into the cafe at some point. The upstairs has been renovated and Paul said it looks nice and “we hope to have a functional facility for not very much money.”

On their Facebook page, Ashley Kogut reported:

“Hello everyone! My name is Ashley Kogut. My husband, Brandon, and I have previously taken over the Balboa Club. We have renamed it The Turn at Balboa! We look forward to meeting everyone.

“I know everyone is curious about the food situation. Slowly we are adding food items to the menu as we are able. The downstairs kitchen only allows us to do so much, so we are working with what we have until we can fully utilize the upstairs kitchen. The upstairs kitchen will be done soon allowing us to do so much!

“Karaoke and live music will continue! Karaoke is every Tuesday and Friday night. We have live music on the first Wednesday of every month with Mike Bearden. I would like to add even more fun events to our location in the future. We are also in the process of adding several televisions. It is a sports bar, so of course, we need lots of sports viewing televisions! I look forward to meeting you guys and hearing your suggestions! We want to make “The Turn” a fun and exciting place to unwind. We want to make positive changes to this timeless hangout.”

By Cheryl Dowden, August 18, 2021

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