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Here we go AGAIN

AND HERE WE GO AGAIN by Karen Daigle Lundberg, July 4, 2019

Well, fellow Villagers, they’ve gone and done it again. Nightmares of paying $500,000 for a CMP, without any forethought of what they were going to do about Cooper’s easements is recurring into a new nightmare of a $1.2M pool.

Deja vu?

Yes, it is happening again. After speaking to many people who seem to have missed this information in the Village Voice this week is the groundbreaking of the $1.2M (we think) pool will be July 16, 2019. I say “we think” because I do not recall seeing any contract that states that the pool will actually cost $1.2M. I guess that’s one of those “secret documents” that the people paying the bill aren’t allowed to see. While many people have seen the date of the groundbreaking, it seems many missed the date of the Arkansas Department of Health is expected on July 31, 2019.

Breaking ground before ADH approval

So, let’s see….we are going to break ground for a $1.2M pool BEFORE we have final approval from the Arkansas Department of Health. Now, as many of you know, the Arkansas Department of Health is a state agency. How many state agencies actually do what they are supposed to do by the date they say they are going to do it? However, let’s say the Arkansas Department of Health does come back with their findings on July 31st, and the plans are not approved? What then, Folks?

Cart before the horse

The CMP put the cart before the horse, and we now own a $500,000 CMP that has been a total waste without Cooper releasing his easements. But that wasn’t enough for our illustrious CEO. We are now adding another $1.2M project, that, by the way, we cannot afford, and, again, putting the cart before the horse.

Cart before the horse HSVPOA

Who does this? Our CEO and old guard Board do this, that’s who. I must say I have serious questions about the degrees they hold. Actually, these actions do not require a degree; they require common sense, which is evidently lacking in our CEO and Chairperson.

Worst of this

The worst of the worst of this is that they have such little respect and such disdain for the members they represent that they just post this right there in the local paper, for all of us to see, and could not care less what we have to say about it.

Way back when the gate debacle was front and center, I wrote an email to the CEO, and I told her that when you are being dishonest, you find yourself scurrying around trying to cover yourself without admitting that you lied, rather than just be upfront and honest, which will garner you much more respect. The same is happening with this mad push to get in as much of the CMP as they can, without Cooper’s easements, and their scurrying around is causing them to make mistakes. I have warned them about this type of thing in the past, and she is too arrogant to listen.

As I say, and as many says, we do not have the time to wait until a new election. I truly believe that so much damage will be done before the next election, we will be in serious trouble. And who knows, they may just suspend the Bylaws again, and extend their terms of office. Don’t be surprised if that doesn’t happen.

I urge everyone to share your ideas on how to stop this runaway train. They don’t realize it, but they are their own worst enemy moving at the speed they are moving to try to destroy our Village. There will be mistakes made, and we all need to be watching closely for them. Let’s all put them under a microscope.

The opinions and statements in this post are strictly my own, Karen Daigle Lundberg’s and the responsibility of no other person.

Editor’s correction: Technically, there are five different areas where Property Owners may cast a vote: the election of board directors, special assessments, annual assessments above the board authority, and sale or transfer of common property and declarations changes. The point of this article that Property Owners still don’t have much voice in the operations and/or governance of the Village remains.

by Karen Daigle Lundberg, July 4, 2019

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