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Future of HSVPOA Marketing Committee?

By Ray Lehman, May 8, 2021

There is an important discussion going on right now about dissolving the HSV Marketing Committee. 

A little history

In 2019, a Marketing Subcommittee (MSC) was formed under the Comprehensive Master Plan Advisory Committee (CMPAC). The MSC was chartered to work as an advisory subcommittee, reviewing the marketing efforts being conducted by the POA. I was a member of this subcommittee.

The MSC found much if not all of the marketing efforts were being managed by Ghidotti, which is a communications and public relations firm located in Little Rock. We discovered there was little to no review of the effectiveness of the spend.

The MSC developed a significant proposal of how to market HSV. This proposal was given to the HSVPOA staff. Unfortunately, the subcommittee’s recommendations were not allowed to see the light of day, despite the best efforts by Chair Pam Avila to get them into the hands of the decision-makers and Property Owners.

With the dissolution of the Comprehensive Master Plan and the CMPAC by the newly seated 2020 Board of Directors, the Marketing Subcommittee was moved to the Finance and Planning Committee. It was then that I asked the Board of Directors to make the Marketing Subcommittee a stand-alone Board reporting committee.

The reasons stated for elevating the MSC to a stand-alone Board reporting committee were to:

  • Give the Board confirmation of the Marketing Department’s plans, budgets, and reports.
  • Report to the Board any serious disagreements with the Marketing Department’s plans, budgets, and reports.
  • Eliminate the possibility of any delays of Marketing Committee recommendations to the Board – something that should never happen again.
  • Present to the Board these and other points in concert with the Marketing Department’s Board presentation, possibly reducing the time impact caused by adding a committee to the workload of the Board.

Stated in the presentation to the Board “a Marketing Department should be a significant revenue generator.

In my opinion, the Village Marketing Department is heavily burdened, limiting its ability to expand marketing efforts. The seven (7) Property Owners on the Marketing Committee are on the committee in part, to give much-needed assistance and aid to the Marketing Department.

The 2020 Board Directors agreed and the MSC became a stand-alone committee, reporting directly to the Board Directors.

During my tenure as Chair of the Marketing Committee, the committee developed numerous ideas to market Hot Springs Village. I’ve attached a presentation that was given to the Marketing Department recapping some of those ideas. Few if any of the Marketing Committee’s ideas were acted on.

I believe the major hurdle is the staffing of the POA Marketing Department. There is one person, Paul Sage. I know how busy he was trying to improve the HSV website, increase traffic to the website, and market HSV via electronic methods. Does it make sense to find someone to assist Paul Sage with implementing other traditional methods of marketing?

I believe the Board would be making a mistake to dissolve the Marketing Committee or reduce it to a smidgen of what it was. Rather we should look for ways to implement many of the ideas the Marketing Committee presented.

Dissolving the Marketing Committee would make the POA Marketing Department the only significant department with no regular interaction with Property Owners via a Board Reporting Committee.

I will be sending this information to each Board member inviting them to sit with me prior to the next Board meeting on May 19, 2021, where a vote will be taken on eliminating or minimizing the Marketing Committee.

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HSV Marketing Committee Recommendations for 2021 Budget


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