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By Phil Lemler, February 9, 2020

There are many problems with the current management of HSV and many things that need to be corrected for HSV to remain a great place to live! Deferred maintenance, better marketing, an actual revenue plan and many other operational adjustments are necessary.

However, there is nothing more critical than the impaneling of a POA board that is capable, experienced and worthy of the task ahead.

The biggest problem in getting the “ship turned around” is the CEO. The second biggest problem is the existing POA board. With this board election, HSV residents have an opportunity to fix both!

HSV needs directors who have been in this situation before and are not intimidated by the strong tactics of the CEO. Intimidation is the largest challenge these board members face.

In my opinion, Tom Weiss and his board were intimidated by the CEO (this was obvious in my meetings with him). Cindi Erickson is intimidated by the CEO. Watch a few board meetings and anytime there is something “out of the ordinary” transpiring … she looks at the CEO for direction. Also, the current and past Board chairpersons always seem to look to the CEO for leadership versus the other way around.

Nancy Luerhing was sternly corrected … at her first board meeting by the CEO (question about the pool estimates) … and has become a CEO pawn ever since. Same thing with Buddy Dixon … she (CEO) openly and sternly corrected him (regarding an ACC issue) in his first board meeting and he has towed the line ever since (these are open smack downs … imagine what goes on behind the scenes). Its all in the public record!

Tormey got the message quickly, while Dick Garrison refused to budge and was eliminated by the CEO. It is all about power and control! I believe that most of the board members have developed a “go along, get along” attitude because they do not want to forfeit the powers (feeling of importance) associated with board membership. This fear of being eliminated (as Mr. Garrison was) and a general ignorance of management experience at this level, has created an impotent board who is lost and not making decisions in the best interest of property owners. Note: any experienced and knowledgeable businessperson could see the CMP is full of problems. An experienced board would have looked at the CMP easement challenges (plus its radical changes to the Village) and not approved it.

To succeed, the POA must gain strength with directors who “have been here before” … know the right pathways forward and have the internal fortitude to stand by their convictions. LTD!

I have spent my entire career analyzing, coaching and managing CEOs. In my opinion, Lloyd, Dick, and Tucker are the right combination needed to get HSV back on the right track!

Dick Garrison – I have known Dick Garrison for over 11 years. We have had many conversations about HSV and the business strategies needed to move forward. He has a nose for making good decisions and for seeking revenue. Again … the public record … in one board meeting,, he saw the restaurant opportunity in the closing of Last Chance. His question was (and was never answered), why are we not going after the $500,000 in restaurant revenue left by the gap in the Last Chance closure? This is the style/habits of a CEO/manager who has actually been there .. done that! Exactly what HSV needs!

Lloyd Sherman – everyone has gotten to know Lloyd during his last two election campaigns. I had the opportunity to work with Lloyd, closely, over a five month period. I saw how he analyzes problems, creates solutions and “works his tail off”. He loves HSV and will not be intimidated by strong and manipulative personalities.  Lloyd is a winner and will do what is right for the Village.

Tucker Omohundro – I do not know Tucker. However, in reading his posts and election material he is saying all the right things. He knows HSV, has the ability to draw upon experiences from what has historically worked and would be a good interface with CCI ((in my mind, a critical relationship for HSV’s future). I believe he will work collaboratively with the other board members to get HSV heading in a positive direction. And, my guess is he won’t be intimidated by the CEO.

This election is the key to HSV’s future. I am convinced that the current POA board and CEO are doing great damage to HSV and … the deterioration is gathering momentum.

Look at the facts in front of you. If you have not read the CMP …. read it. Ask yourself is this realistic?

In my opinion, the CEO, this and past boards have misrepresented the facts. You cannot trust what they tell you. They have been caught many times hiding the truth and manipulating circumstances to perpetuate their scam.

Just look at the FACTS! And, then vote for Lloyd, Dick, and Tucker! LTD!

By Phil Lemler, February 9, 2020

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