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Email from HSVPOA Board Chair

Backstory: By now, everyone may have already heard that HSVPOA Board Chair, Cindi Erickson, has sent out an email to Villagers for Board Candidate, Nikki Choyce. Ms. Erickson claims this is not an endorsement. Immediately below is Bob Busse’s response to the Board Chair.

Email sent in response to Cindi Erickson’s non-endorsement email to Villagers



As the Chairperson of the HSV Board of Directors, messages and comments coming from you carry much more weight and meaning than something from the average member. Since you sent out, to your mailing list, a biography of Nikki Choyce, it basically says to members that you approve of her candidacy, or you wouldn’t have sent it out. (In an election, synonyms). Whether you contend that you are acting as a member and not BOD Chair, and it is for informational purposes only, it still is coming from the Leader of the HSV BOD and in essence the highest-ranking individual in community government. This action is totally improper and unethical.

Since you claim that three of the candidates have an extensive supporting cast and therefore you are helping a disadvantaged entrant in the election, will you be doing the same for Mr. Denger, who also has less notoriety and support than even Ms. Choyce, Chairperson of the important CMPAC? I am sure he would appreciate the assistance, as does Ms. Choyce.

Regarding the other three candidates; it should be of absolutely no consideration to you whether you think a candidate has support and backing or not. If you, as the ONLY member-Chairperson of our BOD in the entire community, if you decide to become involved in the election and send out information of only one of the five people running, it is wrong! You are picking someone in your favor to help and not the others. If you are a fair and ethical person and play by the overwhelmingly accepted rules of public elections, you will send out information on all the other candidates as you did Ms. Choyce.

Unfortunately in your singular position, you have no choice. It goes with the position. I will be waiting for your response and will offer my help in gathering biographical information from the other 4 candidates.

Bob Busse


Note from the editor: Madam Chair, in my opinion, your email was theoretically an endorsement of Nikki Choyce even though you said it was not an endorsement. We sincerely hope you will attend our non-partisan Meet and Greet on February 22, 2020. This is an opportunity for ALL the candidates to participate and they have ALL agreed to come.


Thank you for reading. Click here to check out our private Facebook Group.

We are hosting a non-partisan BOD Candidate Meet and Greet on Saturday, February 22, 2020, at the Coronado Community Center. Refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome as are all the Board Candidates. All five have confirmed they will be attending. There is no charge for attending this event. Hope to see you there!

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