“I officially submitted my resignation last Monday and will continue to work for HSV until we find a great replacement as Director of Public Services. HSV has just been the greatest experience of my career. I met some of the greatest people; retired generals, executives, and the top level professionals during my nearly 9-year tenure. 

“I will always be proud to be able to say “ Yeah I worked at Hot Springs Village, AR – the Largest and Greatest Gated Community in the United States.” 

“What was it like? …I can see myself telling folks about HSV and how HSV is completely independent of the world, but telling them that, ‘You will just have to go and experience HSV for yourself and you will see why most folks stay after the first visit and why it was such a cool place to work.’

” Looking back, I believe my purpose/mission was to help HSV rebuild its staff and its infrastructure after the housing market fallout. We have rebuilt our fountain, our treatment plants, some existing amenities, built the Balboa Bridge, and a new system for collecting our sanitation. But the greatest accomplishment and joy was working with all the great leadership and fellow staff who truly are the greatest asset HSV has. 

“We changed the culture to promote staff development and our staff obtained new professional licenses, new skillsets, and more responsibilities. Nothing gave me more joy than promoting our staff because they earned it and now could provide better for their families. I saw so many superstar staff start at the bottom and develop into leaders. 

“Now it is time for me to prepare to retire in the next 10 years, finish my private pilot license, and go play with the grandkids. Nothing but great memories of a very rich experience. Love you all and be a blessing to all who enter through your gates and remember to love your neighbors outside too.”

Written by Jason Temple, April 4, 2022


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