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County Tax Revenues Down/First Responders Worker Comp Benefits Addressed

April 16, 2020

Saline County Quorum Court, Justice of the Peace, Keith Keck, stated that Confirmed COVID-19 cases are up today but only slightly in Saline County.

Keck also reported that Saline County Officials are continuing to review COVID-19 impacts to the 2020 county budget. Significant revenue decreases should be expected in the following two areas:

  • County Road Funding– Less gasoline is being purchased. This means that less gasoline tax dollars are being collected by the Arkansas Department of Transportation. This loss of funding will not only affect the state, but a portion of these tax dollars is passed down to the county road departments and they will also receive less funding.
  • County General Funding– Arkansas consumers are spending less money. This impacts the revenue collected from Arkansas state sales tax. In turn, fewer sales tax dollars collected means there are fewer turnback funds provided to each county for general operations and services.

J.P. Keck said, “Bottomline is that there will be reductions in road work and potentially to other county services.  I will provide a better recap of any impacts once determined.”

Below is the email J.P. Keck received from Judge Arey.

Email from Saline County Judge Jeff Arey

To All Saline County Residents:

“Attached [see below] are the [COVID-19] numbers for Saline as of last night, with 34 confirmed cases and 11 recoveries.  Checking the ADH COVID-19 link this morning, which updates several times in a 24 hour period, shows Saline with 35 confirmed cases and 13 recoveries.”

[Click here to view the Arkansas Department of Health COVID-19 update.]   

“Yesterday Governor Hutchinson issued an executive order that suspends provisions regarding Workers Compensation qualifications for First Responders and Front-Line Health Care Workers.” 

“Previously Fire Fighters might not be eligible for Workers Compensation benefits if they got sick with the virus as a result of coming in contact with a positive while on the job.  This has been a concern for many of our first responders.” 

“I have attached the executive order.”  [See below]

“Stay safe and remember, no more than 10, stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask and wash your hands!”

Jeff Arey

Saline County Judge

200 North Main Street, Suite 117

Benton, Arkansas 72015



4.15.20 Saline Co. COVID-19 Spreadsheet Data



Governor Hutchinson’s Amended Executive Order- 4.13.20 (For the Purpose of Suspending Provisions Regarding Workers Comp. Qualifications in AR for 1st Responders & Front-Line Health Care Workers)



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