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Cell Phone Signal Strength in Hot Springs Village

January 21, 2021

Report and Survey by Robert (Bob) LeMay

Forward by Marcy G. Mermel, CCIM, CAC: 

I am honored with the distinct privilege of introducing a very good  friend of mine that has completed an incredible, selfless undertaking purely  for the benefit of our home we call Hot Springs Village – Mr. Robert (Bob)  LeMay. 

Bob LeMay moved to Hot Springs Village in August of 2007. I met  Bob in 2015 while volunteering to help with the installation of the new POA  software E-Commerce. Our paths crossed again in 2017 when he was a  participant in a Round Table discussion I was facilitating as a Board  director on the Balboa Club House, and thereafter we stayed in touch,  becoming friends and partners of sorts. He is one of the most brilliant  people I have ever met – we often find ourselves in hours of conversation from Naval Operations stories to Governance of the Village to Quantum  Physics and everything in between! 

In 2018, we started serious discussions regarding the different technological issues that we, as a Village were facing, and even spoke  several times with John Cooper III about his possible interest in cell towers. 

It was after that Bob’s ideas and intentions really gained momentum – which brings us to the Report/Survey you are about to read. This is the  result of hundreds of hours of his own time, mapping and traveling to 75  sites within the Village, at all times of the day and differing days of the  week. The accumulation of the data was astounding to watch. The  interpretation of it all so that we, as “laymen” can understand it and use it  for our benefit and the benefit of our Village, is even more mind-boggling.  For all of this, and how it will help HSV in so many ways, I am very grateful.

Here is a synopsis of Bob’s remarkable credentials to help you understand  the “man behind the curtain”. I am happy to say there are plans for more  phases in our future, so please enjoy, this is only the beginning! 

Mr. LeMay earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering  from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1972. He then served as a Lieutenant  in the United States Navy in A-6E carrier flight operations. 

Following his service to his Country, he completed his Masters of  Business Administration at the Wharton Graduate School, University of  Pennsylvania, in 1979.  

After earning his MBA, Mr. LeMay relocated to Silicon Valley. He  spent eleven years at Apple Computer as a software engineering manager  and project manager, and four years at Hewlett Packard in product  marketing and warehouse & distribution management.  

Between his engagements with these two large establishments, Mr.  LeMay spent twelve years as an executive in two technology start-ups, as  well as an independent consultant to mainly small business operations. These career experiences included: 

• raising venture capital;  

• building operations from scratch; 

• managing departments in high growth; 

• directing groups of over 170 engineers; 

• developing various decision support tools and applications in  Excel™, FileMaker™, and Access™; and,  

• As an executive of a company, taking it from start-up to IPO!

* * *

This is a 24-page readable and downloadable document.  Please hover your mouse over the page, and you will find options in the upper grey bar to page up and down, expand, download or print.

Additionally, to fully see maps, graphs, and tables (pages 3-6 and 10-12), you can use the “zoom (out)” feature – otherwise, you will be missing some information on both sides.  


* * *

Click here to read the article in the Village Voice.

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