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Bubba & Rambo Watch Movie

Bubba and Rambo had just finished watching the video of the questions and answers session for The Three for HSV Candidates during their February Forum at Coronado Center. Bubba paid attention to the comments. Rambo slept in his lap dreaming about chasing the neighbor’s cat. Now and then Rambo would twitch his legs and grumble even though he was fast asleep.

This is Not Rambo’s Dream
Tormey Jumped on the Question

A nice lady in the audience asked the candidates, “How much of the CMP do you think should be implemented?” The candidates all wanted to jump on the question. They were all eager to offer help and understanding, but Tormey got it first. He said, “I’ll be candid with you, I haven’t read all 500 pages of it. If anybody in here has, God bless you.” Bubba, in the audience, raised his hand indicated he had read it all and Diana pointed at him and said, “That doesn’t surprise me”, then everybody laughed for some unknown reason. Tormey went on to talk about how some of the infrastructure issues were covered in the CMP and were needed to keep the Village running.

The Best Way to Hide Poo

Bubba wondered why they buried that part of the plan about the infrastructure issues so deep that it was hard to find. Then he remembered Pappy (his Grandpa) telling him, “The best way to hide a piece of poo, is to put it in a sack labeled “FERTILIZER” and nobody would ever know it was just plain ol’ poo.” Now he wondered why the BoD and CEO would try to hide the issue of the infrastructure. Could it be that they didn’t want a fuss being made over all the delayed maintenance while they were trying to get some more of the CMP implemented this close to the upcoming election? Tormey continued and mentioned that he liked the Maderas Gardens project and it was a “Pocket Neighborhood” but it was so well done that he liked it. Bubba and Rambo had taken a walk over at Maderas Gardens and they really liked it too. It was too expensive for Bubba, but he liked it anyway.

Diana Says CMP is a Four-Letter Word

Next Diana Podawiltz spoke and Bubba wondered about her counting skills. She said, “The CMP is a four-letter word.” Bubba looked at C.M.P and only counted three letters. He dug through his study files and found his copy of the CMP and sure enough, it was spelled “C.M.P.” with only 3 letters. He rechecked the count using his Bubbafied calculator (counted them on his toes) and confirmed there were only three letters. He thought the BoD and the CEO must have made a typo because Diana is a Professional Business Woman and EVERYBODY knows she is smarter than any of the BoD members. He thought about it some more and decided it should be spelled CMUP, Completely Messed Up Plan. Or perhaps an even better spelling would be CFUP, Completely, uh… Fouled Up Plan. She went on to say, “The CMP is a 4-letter word but we STILL have to have a plan for the Village. It will guide us about what we want to do in 2019 and 2020 and going forward from there for the next 5 years. But, we would NEVER call it a CMP. That’s a dirty word in the Village.”

Did Bubba Say Cookies?

Bubba looked down at Rambo all curled up in his lap and said, “See Rambo? I told you she was smarter than any of the current BoD members. That BoD sounds like a bunch of Rookies!”  Rambo thought he said “Cookies” and perked up real fast. Then he jumped off Bubba’s lap and headed for the pantry where his doggy cookies were stored. He began his “Gimme a cookie” dance and scratched at the pantry door. Bubba went back to listening to the Candidates and ignored Rambo.

Lloyd Says We Didn’t Need to Spend $500,000 

Next, Lloyd chimed in with an astounding statement, “There ARE pieces of the CMP that we can use. But, we didn’t need to spend $500,000 on a document to tell us we need to fix our infrastructure.” Bubba wondered, ‘Then why did they spend that $500,000 on it? Our current BoD must not know how to count that high. They must not know how many pot holes in the roads needed fixing because that is a large number too.’ He looked at Rambo over by the pantry still scratching on the door and said, “Don’t you think so too, Rambo?” Of course this made Rambo start barking and jumping up and down again because Bubba never said the word “TWO” unless he was getting Rambo two cookies instead of just one. Rambo ran over to Bubba and started pulling on his pants leg to get him moving faster. “Okay Rambo. I’ll get you a cookie” and Rambo said, “BARK, BARK, BARK”. When Bubba gave him the cookie, Rambo took the cookie and gently laid it on the floor, then looked up at Bubba and started barking for the second cookie. Bubba said, “But you haven’t finished the FIRST cookie yet. Rambo slurped the first cookie up from the floor, chomped it three times and swallowed the pieces whole. Then he looked up at Bubba and started his cookie dance again, complete with running in circles and barking constantly. Bubba told him, OKAY, OKAY, I’ll get you another cookie but you gotta do INSIDE VOICE!” That didn’t stop the running in circles but it did tone down the barking to just some grumbling, so Bubba gave him another cookie and Rambo ran off to his favorite hiding place to enjoy the cookie in leisure.

That’s All For Now Folks!

That’s about it for this short clip of Rambo and Bubba watching the video. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I have a much longer story ready for posting about Bubba, Rambo and Bubba’s old Army buddy, Boudreaux, going fishing in the Louisiana Bayou country. There is nothing in it about the upcoming election or any other political events. I think you will like it but it is a special story to celebrate reaching our Goal for funding the Three For HSV campaign. As soon as I get notified that we have reached the goal, I’ll pass it over to Cheryl to work some of her “administrator magic” on it and place it in the appropriate web page and/or facebook groups for you. Thank you VERY much, my dear friends, for all you have contributed so far in money, support and hard work getting us this far. Please help us get over the finish line. That line is getting very close.

Picture of Bubba McGillicuty's Dog Rambo
Rambo Can Smell the Cookies


Bubba McGillicuty

AKA Frank Shears, Managing Editor at Hot Springs Village People

Thank you for supporting Vote Three for HSV!

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