Good Boy Rambo!

It was late morning and time to go check the mailbox for Vote Three Ballots. Cold doesn’t describe it well because it was below freezing so Bubba put on his jacket with the lined hood and zipped everything up. Rambo heard the zipper and came charging into the room because he knew it was a chance to go outside and bark at stuff. “Hey Rambo, you want to go check for a letter from Lassie? Get your clothes.” He watched Rambo trot over to the front door and get his leash from the doorknob then trot over to sit in front of Bubba while he hooked up Rambo’s collar. “Good Boy Rambo!”

Ballots Arrive

It was a short walk to the mailbox at the end of the driveway but Rambo had to stop and inspect his favorite tree beside the driveway before they got to the mailbox. Bubba opened the mailbox door and pulled out several things. He saw that RAMBO had been PRE-APPROVED again. There were also a couple of cards from his ham radio contacts and two ballot envelopes, one for Bubba and one for Rambo. “Our ballots for the BoD election are here Rambo. Let’s go inside and do some voting.” Rambo thought he said ‘BOATING’ and got all excited! He started barking and running in circles on the end of his leash. After Rambo calmed down to a low grumble they went inside and Bubba hung up his jacket and Rambo’s leash while Rambo looked at Bubba with his best “gimme a cookie” look.

Opening of Ballots

Bubba sat in his easy chair by the fire and chuckled at Rambo. He pulled out his Old Granddad pocket knife and opened both envelopes. “Boy, these sure are thick envelopes for just one election. Maybe they sent us too many ballots?” Bubba wondered if all this extra paper weighed enough to make the envelopes more expensive to mail out. When he looked inside the first envelope there was a letter from the POA, a couple of pages with the 10 Candidates information and a ballot. “No letter from Lassie here, Rambo. Just a letter from Ms. Nalley.” He went to his favorite chair in front of the fireplace and started to read. Rambo trotted over to his ‘Poochie Pad Doggie Bed’ next to Bubba. (He read the letter and discovered it was just a recommendation from the POA that said it was important to vote for candidates who support the CMP. Rambo grumbled because he wanted a cookie.

Marking of Ballots

Bubba marked the ballot for his favorite 3 candidates. “Hey Rambo, do you want me to mark your ballot for you? I’ll read the names for you.” The first name brought a little whimper from Rambo. The next several names he growled at.

Lloyd Sherman
Lloyd Sherman

When he said, “Lloyd Sherman” Rambo barked twice and wagged his tail. “Okay Lloyd gets a vote.”

HSV Board of Director Candidate Diana Podawiltz
Diana Podawiltz

When he said, “Diana Podawiltz”, Rambo barked once and wagged his tail. “Okay Rambo, Diana gets a vote.”

Hot Springs Village Board Candidate Tormey Campagna
Tormey Campagna

When he said, “Tormey Campagna” Rambo barked three times and wagged his tail. “Okay, Tormey gets a vote.”

(Rambo thought anything to do with a TREE for HSV was the ONLY way to vote.)

Bubba and Rambo Agree on Best Three

Bubba looked over the ballots again and everything was fine with them. “Gee Rambo, it looks like we voted for the same three.”

Diana Podawiltz            Lloyd Sherman           Tormey Campagna

I hope you enjoyed this little episode about Rambo voting. Please remember that your vote DOES count.

Bubba aka Frank Shears and Rambo


Vote 3 for HSV Campagna, Podawiltz and Sherman
Vote Best Three for HSV Campagna, Podawiltz and Sherman