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Breaking News – HSVPOA GM King Resigns

Charles King, the relatively new General Manager of Hot Springs Village, has given his notice. Property Owners were notified via email on January 18, 2021. King has only been serving in the capacity of HSVPOA General Manager since August. Click here to read the article about King’s Meet and Greet. Below is a copy of the email sent:


“With profound regret, the Board today accepted the resignation of the Hot Springs Village General Manager, Charles King. In his short tenure, Mr. King created a more streamlined organization, improved staff morale, implemented a conservative budget, and started the Village on the road to a stronger financial future. He will remain in his position until January 31st.

“In expressing his disappointment and the difficulty in making the decision to resign, Mr. King noted that a number of factors interfered with doing the job he was hired to do. He felt constantly hampered by the day-by-day barrage of Villager emails about how he should be doing the job for which he is highly qualified. An equal challenge observed by Mr. King was feeling overwhelmed by the negativity and hostility he received on a daily basis from a vocal segment of the Village population. King observed that the attacks on his performance began on social media his first week on the job. He also noted that the POA staff is subjected to that same constant negativity and hostility, creating what he terms an “unhealthy and hostile work environment”.  

“From the perspective of the Board of Directors, the Village, through its own actions, has lost a general manager who brought a wealth of HOA experience and knowledge to his job, in addition to exhibiting honesty, integrity, and a strong desire to help make the Village the best it could be.

“We thank Charles and his family for making the Village their home, even for a short period of time; and we wish him success in his future endeavors!”

Below is the year-end report from the General Manager, due to be presented at the January 20, 2021 Board Meeting. In this report, the GM mentions that there is a lot of drama in the Village.

Mr. King also states in his January report, “The Village will never reach its full potential with all the ‘rogue’ agents out there constantly dividing the Village with the Negative rhetoric and the bashing of staff and Board members. The negativity spewed on social media is an embarrassment to all the people who call HSV home. The POA staff works for the Villagers, so the constant harassment and defamation that goes on in the so-called ‘community’ pages is creating an extremely unhealthy workplace for all the good people that Chose to work here.

“If you want to know what the biggest issue is to tackle in the future I will tell you, the social media negativity and DRAMA is harming the Village and everyone who calls it home. It is an absolute embarrassment that people who say they love this place would go onto this platform to badger, harass and smear the good people that are here to do their jobs and do them in the best way they know how, this includes the Volunteer Board that is continually attacked and harassed.”

He talks about the Food and Beverage operations being deep in the hole due to the pandemic but “mostly due to lack of support from the Village.”


Click here to read the Hot Springs Village Voice report. (Edited 7-7-21 to add that the Voice has removed this article from the internet. Here is a link to an article from N Opera News website.)

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