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Aylward Resigns; HSVPOA Board Appoints Foltz to Treasurer

In a unanimous HSVPOA Board decision, on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, Wayne Foltz was appointed to the position of HSVPOA Corporate Treasurer. This action occurred in a special 4:00 p.m. board meeting, immediately following the July 8 board discussion session. Mr. Foltz will assume the duties of Corporate Treasurer on July 15, 2020.

This appointment was necessary due to the resignation of Dan Aylward, effective July 15, 2020. Mr. Aylward tendered his letter of resignation immediately following the Board Discussion Session. Chair Diana Podawiltz said, “Dan will take us through the closing of the books and helping with the reporting for financials through the month of June and will be providing those reports at the July 15 business meeting.”

Aylward said, “Wayne is a good man, and he is a very talented financial guy, and I think he’s going to do a good job for the Village. As far as the reason for my resignation, I was putting in about 30 hours a week on POA business plus working 40 to 50 hours on my regular job, and that was fine if I had been named the General Manager. When that didn’t happen, I would have to continue to do that kind of schedule. It was just too much. When it came time to make a decision, it was not even a close call to continue to work those kinds of hours.”

Vice-chair Lloyd Sherman nominated Mr. Foltz saying, “he is with the Finance and Planning Committee and was previously with the Finance Committee last year. He was the Vice-chair.”

Podawiltz seconded the nomination and led the discussion. The chair said that last summer she worked with Wayne and his wife Betty on a finance committee charter. Betty is a retired CPA. Unfortunately this charter did not meet the criteria of the Governance Committee and was never presented to the full board for a vote.

Instead the ad hoc Budget Committee was established. At the behest of Diana Podawiltz, Wayne applied and was accepted to the ad hoc Budget Committee. Podawiltz said, “Wayne was a very integral and valuable asset to that committee in helping us to put together a budget for the 2020 year.”

In further explanation, Podawiltz said, when the Finance Committee Charter was finally approved in late November, Wayne was interviewed by former CFO, Liz Mathis, former Board Vice-chair, Tormey Campagna, and present Board Chair, Diana Podawiltz. When the ad hoc Finance Committee was disbanded Wayne applied for the new Finance and Planning Committee.

“He will serve us well in this job – very, very well,” Podawiltz declared.

Foltz said, “I am very honored that I was selected to be the Treasurer of the POA and I hope I can do a wonderful job for the community and the organization.” Wayne said he is sorry to see Dan go and he has “a lot of respect for Dan and that he does wonderful work. I know he works so many hours and it is really tough.”

Wayne grew up in a small town called Orland. Orland is located in Northern California, about a 100 miles north of Sacramento. He said, “I went to work for a food processing plant and got transferred down to the Bakersfield area. I worked in California almonds, pistachios, and walnuts.”

Wayne explained, “over time I worked my way up the ladder and became a plant manager. The company was acquired by Dole Foods. I worked for Dole foods in a senior management level for about five years. At that time I went into investments. I became a stockbroker or what they call an ‘investment advisor.’ I did have a general stockbroker’s license. I did that for 20 years.”

Wayne and Betty have been married for 34 years. They came to the Village in 2006 to visit some friends. “We fell in love with the Village and bought a house the same week. We went back to California hoping to be able to close everything up and then 2008 hit and changed that. It took us ten years to become permanent residents. We moved here permanently in 2017,” Wayne added.

“We came several times a year for a month at a time, so we knew what we were expecting. Where we lived, it was 110 to 115 degrees in the summer. We had to adjust to some of the humidity. It is a different heat,” continued Foltz.

“When we bought the house, I tried to follow what I could of the POA and became interested in the financials.”

“We thought this was a beautiful place to live out our senior years,” said Foltz.

“We need to cut our costs and generate more revenue so we can do more of the necessities that the Village needs,” declared the soon-to-be Corporate Treasurer.

Foltz studied Business Administration with a concentration in accounting and graduated from California State University, Bakersfield in 1996.

The special meeting was not live-streamed and the public was not allowed attendance but instead the meeting was video-recorded and uploaded on YouTube. Below is the video recording of this special board meeting.

HSVPOA BOD Special Meeting July 8, 2020

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8P7MMFdG5k[/embedyt]

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By Cheryl Dowden, July 8, 2020

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