On April 1, 2021, the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association announced the winners of the 2021 Board Election. This is what the email notification said:


Board of Director Election Day Results and Data

Jones, McLeod, Belair, Avila and Corry Elected to HSV Board of Directors

“Chris Jones, Robert McLeod, Gary Belair, Pam Avila, and JoAnne Corry have been elected to the Hot Springs Village Property Owner’s Association Board of Directors.

“Jones and McLeod will serve 3-year terms, Belair will serve a 2-year term, and Avila and Corry will serve 1-year terms.

“The total number of ballots mailed was 22,449 and the total number of ballots cast was 7,969. Results of the 2021 Board of Directors Election are as follows:”

“In accordance with the Bylaws Article VIII B, Section 7, any property owner, in good standing, may request a recount of the ballots returned. That request must be made in writing within Three (3) working days after the election date. The recount will be done by The Inspectors of Election of the individual requesting the recount. An upfront fee of $4,700 must be paid by the requesting member to cover all cost to perform the recount. If the recount changes the outcome of the election, the member will be reimbursed all fees paid.

“Our newly elected board members will be seated on April 21, 2021, during a Special Meeting immediately following adjournment of the Annual Meeting.

“We congratulate our new board members and express our appreciation to all candidates in this election.”

* * *


Congratulations to the newly-elected board members. We look forward to a positive future for Hot Springs Village. We have reached out to the newly elected candidates and Board Chair Tucker Omohundro for a quote.

At the time of publication, this is what we have received:

Chair Tucker Omohundro said, “I am looking forward to working with the new directors in a positive manner.”

Chris Jones said, “It is a wonderful honor to be selected as a representative for our amazing Owners and Villagers. I am humbled by the outpouring of support, and I look forward to leading together with the other exceptional ladies and gentlemen of the Board and Staff to propel our Village into the next chapter of its growth.”

JoAnne Corry responded, “Thank you to everyone that voted in the Board of Directors election! I am excited to have the opportunity to work together with the Board, Staff and Villagers to move this wonderful place forward over the next year. I appreciate all of the support I have received.”

Pam Avila added, “I ‘met’ so many wonderful Villagers via email during this Board election and I’m really grateful for their support! I’m looking forward to working with the people who will bring such a broad set of experience and expertise to the Board. I’m confident we’re going to work hard to keep the Village moving forward in a positive direction.”

If we receive more quotes, we will add them to the article.

Thank you to everyone who ran and also much thanks to the property owners that voted.

Information compiled by Cheryl Dowden, April 1, 2021

* * *

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