written by Michael Fleming

Musings from an old guy

I’ve been coming to the village since about 1985. Over 30 years. I raised my family on the far side of Hot Springs. I played some golf with friends here in the village but we thought that the villagers were a bunch of cranky old codgers. We loved their golf courses but we were never too fond of the people here. Grouchy we said. Perception, I guess. We came here to play occasionally due to these great golf courses. We seemingly ran into these grouchy guys each time we played here. They said we were too loud and too irreverent for the game. “Codgerville” I called the village.

Time passed and they mellowed and I mellowed. Truth be known, I became one of those people that I had despised at the time. So I moved here to be with my kind in 2005. A retirement community that was just bursting with things to do. Still is, if you have the energy. Plenty to do in pursuit of the good life right here in the village. I started off my retirement years at full throttle, in codgerville. I loved it then and still do. Too bad that we have run into a speed bump. I feel really sick about our state of the village right now. I understand that I’m going to have to change with the times. Thinking about the way things used to be is an easy trip. We all have our memories and it’s fun to pull them out and dust them off sometimes.

Things are changing and I embrace change. Reality is you better embrace change or you get left behind. But I don’t think this approach to life applies to HSV. This change or get left behind mentality is not applicable to my resting place. We here in HSV are mostly of retirement age. Above 65 years. Seems like I heard that often. As the years pass that will probably change. I believe since I’ve been here the median age is getting younger. But still dominant are the oldies in population. One day it might come as a natural change that we get a younger median age here. But now? Not yet. You’re going to get your turn some day. Twiggs might be thought of as a visionary someday. But not now. This is still basically a retirement community.

I think we can coexist with an attitude of tolerance for all ways of life. But, don’t try to scam us into something we don’t want. Remember, right now we outnumber you. We are the people of HSV and you better wait your turn. That’s the only way this vote went our way even if the deck was stacked and still is. Majority ruled. I don’t understand why there are forces at work to make this fine place something different than it is today. Can it be that there is money to be made? Scamming old people is a good business to be in. They are slow, confused and too trusting. They usually have a little more in the kitty than the younger. They’re good targets. It’s easy to baffle them with BS. So I think the CMP came to town with this in mind.

There are people here in POA making good money in salaries atypical of Arkansas. The POA is too top heavy with manager types. But we need our worker bees. I know there are people feeding their families and don’t want the applecart to be upset. I feel for you and hopefully you all will come out of this with a raise after the money gets straight. We are going to need you badly to maintain what we have here. Your experience and expertise in maintenance is not overlooked. We are not coming after your jobs but you may have to work a little harder. There is a government job mentality here to my way of thinking. You know what I mean. It is not being run efficiently and effectively as it could be. But there has to be a realignment at the top.

This place has been running on autopilot at the top. They are spending like it’s monopoly money. I feel like I’ve been scammed. Not just by CEO/BOD. It started long before. They almost got us. Thank goodness we have our own cadre of individuals that are doing due diligence. We have our own house of talent that has been laying in wait for these scammers. They have been awakened like a sleeping giant. Our people are what makes this place great. I respect the work that has already been put in doing research and all the selfless work that is yet to be done to make this POA hierarchy dissolve. The mission is going well but we can’t go to sleep again like before. I think some smart people woke up just in time.

Thank you to all the prospective board members who wait in the wings to bring their brand of guidance to the village. We have some good ones so far. Maybe more to come. The most impressive thing about the village is the smart people we can glean from. So much talent from so many walks of life. I feel safe now that the ruse has been exposed for what it is. I have friends on the other side of the issues. To them, I say let’s all try to support a new path that is inevitable. It’s inevitable folks. We hit a speed bump, slowed down, saw a fork in the road and took it. We need to get along and live in peace in a peaceful place. We better get on board or get left behind. It is time to get real.

There are great ideas for growth here. Let’s let the new team (whoever they be) lead us out of our apathy. All of the candidates so far have been a joy to hear. Sorry if you disagree but the train can’t be stopped. The POA has been spending my money to fight myself. Before I go broke, I’m going to put some of my money on the horses of my choosing. It’s a liberating thing for me to do that. A concept that is oddly satisfying. Investing my hard earned money where I choose. Brilliant!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you to all the New BOD. God speed.


Mike Fleming

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

P.S. Financial investment tip…play the ponies. Win, place, and show. And buy HSV lots. The future looks bright.

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