Interim General Manager Paul Updates Board Directors on PPP Loan

Interim GM, John Paul updated the Board Directors on the status of the Payroll Protection Small Business Association loan/grant. The SBA will pay the principal and interest in full to Regions Bank.

Paul said, “I want to give personal recognition to the people that made that possible – our Controller, Coreena [Fetterhoff], who did a lot of work on that and most of the work with Jama Lopez who was here before and really got the ball rolling and Regions Bank for all the help they made in that. Only thirty percent of the loans nationwide have been approved, as of a week ago. They had a fast track up to two million. Ours was above that [3.2 million dollars] and we got it approved by the work that these people did on it and they [the SBA] had very few questions and everything was exactly like it should have been. So I want to give them real kudos on getting that done. That is a big deal.”

Previously, Marketing Manager, Paul Sage, sent out a press release to Property Owners on Thursday, June 10, 2021.

PPP Press Release

PPP Loan Forgiven in Hot Springs Village Arkansas

By Cheryl Dowden, June 16, 2021

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