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Saline County Press Release- 3.29.20


Limited access to county offices extended

Today, March 29, 2020, Saline County Judge Jeff Arey extended limited access to the Saline County Courthouse, the Courthouse Complex, and all other County Offices until April 20 with any further action being evaluated at that time.

Saline County has been limiting access to County Offices since March 18 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Judge Arey stated “[f]or the same reasons Governor Hutchinson closed schools until April 20, we are continuing our cautionary measures (limiting access) in hopes that the citizens of Saline County will conduct business by phone, email, or online. These measures will aid in preventing the virus from spreading.”

Access is limited to County Employees, Court Employees, and Elected Officials having offices in or conducting business in the respective buildings; and those individuals authorized by the respective offices to have access.

Judge Robert Herzfeld makes history and presides over first Zoom hearings

“On Friday, March 27, Saline County Circuit Court 4th Division, held the first teleconference circuit court hearing in Saline County history. Judge Robert Herzfeld presided over three hearings from his home “court” via the Zoom teleconference application. The attorneys, court reporter and all the parties also participated from their homes and offices through the app, while the 4th division courtroom stood empty. This was the first of many circuit court hearings and trials that will be handled in the days and weeks ahead using innovative technologies and procedures with an eye towards maximizing the mantra of “stay home when you can” while ensuring that constitutional protections and the rule of law are firmly preserved.

“All of the Circuit and District judges and their staffs have been working together with the prosecutors, public defenders, private attorneys, the circuit and county clerks and many others to carry out the business of justice while ensuring the health and welfare of the public. Emergency cases–with some limited exceptions–will be handled over the Zoom app, while non-emergency cases are being generally scheduled for this summer.

“The judges are currently developing the particular procedures and will be making further announcements within the next several days. Anyone with questions regarding Court proceedings should call the Circuit or District Court in which their court case is assigned or the Circuit Clerk’s Office at 501-303-5615. The Circuit Court Division contact numbers are:

First Division – 501-303-5635,

Second Division – 501-303- 5664,

Third Division – 501-303-5628, and

Fourth Division – 501-303-1584.

All District Court proceedings will be held in the respective Divisions of District Court, Benton District Court – 501-303-5670 & Bryant District Court – 501-943-0440.

Access to these court facilities is restricted to those with essential business. Anyone entering the courthouse will be required to provide basic contact information to comply with COVID-19 tracking protocol.

If you have business in any of the County Offices, please use the below contact information. Business should be conducted digitally, by phone, email, or online, if at all possible. If not possible, persons needing to conduct business in person with county offices should contact the office to schedule a meeting appropriate to their needs. Business that is not time-sensitive should be postponed until April 20, 2020, if at all possible.


County Judge 501-303-5640 

County Clerk 501-303-5630 

Circuit Clerk 501-303-5615 

Circuit Clerk – Jury 501-303-1570 

Circuit Clerk – Child Support 501-303-5669 

Assessor 501 -303 -5622 

Tax Collector 501 -303 -5620 

Treasurer 501 -303 -5633 

Public Defender 501 -303 -5688 

Circuit Ct – Div. 1 501 -303 -5635 

Circuit Ct – Div. 2 501 -303 -5664 

Circuit Ct – Div. 3 501 -303 -5628 

Circuit Ct – Div. 4 501 -303 -1584 

District Court 501 -303 -5670 

Juvenile Officers 501 -303 -5730 

Prosecuting Attorney 501 -315 -7767

Road Dept. 501 -303 -5690 

Coroner 501 -303 -1559 

Sheriff – General 501 -303 -5609 

Sheriff – CID 501 -303 -5608 

Sheriff – Domestic Violence 501 -303 -5716 

Sheriff – Detention 501 -303 -5642 

Sheriff – Warrants 501 -303 -5644  

Thank you to Saline County Justice of the Peace, Keith Keck, for providing us with this press release.


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